Don't “mix it” when recycling

Derbyshire Dales residents are reminded that their recycling bins won't be emptied if paper and cardboard recycling is mixed with other recyclable materials for household collections.

Homes across the district currently recycle 57% of all household waste – the best percentage in the county.

Residents can recycle paper and cardboard, glass bottles and jars, food and drinks cans, plastic bottles and containers, aerosols, foil trays and cartons in the kerbside collection.

But Derbyshire Dales District Council is urging local people to present recycling correctly to ensure it is transported to the right reprocessing facility. Recycling is collected in split-bodied vehicles, enabling the District Council’s contractor Serco to keep paper and cardboard separate from the other materials.

A spokesperson said:

“Mixing paper and cardboard in with other mixed materials including glass, cans and plastics causes the recycling to become contaminated and this could result in the load being rejected at the materials recovery facility.

“It means blue-lid bins and containers will only be emptied by the collection crews where the paper and cardboard are properly presented separate from the other materials, either in an insert, blue bag or other suitable container.

“If the bin is contaminated or the material is mixed, it will not be emptied and the bin will be tagged. Residents should then re-sort their recycling so that it can be collected on the next collection day.”

Homes with wheeled bins have a separate insert for their paper and cardboard and may also use a blue bag or other container to present additional paper and cardboard.

Residents on a sack collection must use a blue bag to present their paper and cardboard and have been provided with a box and additional blue bag for other recyclable materials.

Local people are also reminded that plastic bags aren’t recyclable, so materials should be put loose into recycling bins, blue bags and boxes.

Information about what can be recycled and how to use recycling containers can be found on our recycling webpages and there's also an A-Z of household waste. Plus, residents can contact the Waste Helpline 01629 761122 for an information leaflet or recycling wheel showing which items can be recycled where.

Anyone needing a replacement insert, blue-lid bin or blue bag, can order online, email or contact the Waste Helpline.

  • Pictured above, the District Council's recycling advisor Chloe Lewis inspects a blue recycling bin. 
Derbyshire Dales residents are reminded that their recycling bins won

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