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Bin collections catch-up

We completed the recycling catch up today (Friday 16 March), but our crews are working on Saturday to finish off a few domestic waste and food collections.

Please leave out containers.

Recycling collections outstanding in the Ashbourne areas of Osmaston and on Mayfield Road, Hermitage Close and Keepers Croft Ashbourne were completed on Fridaym

Due to vehicle breakdowns earlier in the week, grey bin, black sack and food collections were not finished in Marston Montgomery and a number of areas of Ashbourne yesterday.  These were largely caught up today.

  • If you still have any missed bins please report them here.

Thank you for your continued patience.

  • To confirm, in previous updates on this page we made it clear that all garden waste collections had been suspended from Monday 5 to Wednesday 7 March. Here's the actual referance that appeared on this page from 2 March: 

    To enable our crews to focus on missed collections and scheduled grey bin/black sack/food and recycling collections, we are suspending all garden waste collections on Monday and Tuesday. Food waste collections that are collected by the same truck as garden waste are also suspended on Monday and Tuesday. We may have to suspend the collection of garden waste beyond Tuesday for the remainder of the week dependant on the success of the catch-up.

    Please note also that crews will not be returning for any garden waste collections that have been missed this week. We aim to collect these on your next scheduled garden waste collection date.

  • Further snow during the catch-up slowed things down to the extent that the garden waste suspension was taken into a third day - and again this was made clear on this page at the time.


We completed the catch up of recycling collections on Friday 16 March but our crews are working on Saturday to finish off a few domestic waste and food collections.

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