11p a week increase proposed for Dales services

Residents will hear this week that Derbyshire Dales District Council proposes to increase its share of Council Tax bills by 2.99%.

The proposal of a 2.99% increase in the band D tax - subject to agreement by councillors on 5 March – would mean Dales households paying on average 11p more a week for District Council services in 2018/19.

The District Council, which collects Council Tax on behalf of all local authorities but only spends 12% of the total (Derbyshire County Council’s share is 71%), will be explaining at a series of community forums how it proposes to provide services to local people at an average cost of just 56p a day – despite the continuing squeeze on its finances. The first of the forums, at Matlock Town Hall on Tuesday 30 January, will be broadcast live on YouTube from 7pm.

Cllr Lewis Rose OBEDistrict Council Leader Councillor Lewis Rose OBE said:

“Successive central government grant cuts - including a further £637,000 reduction for 2018/19 - make it harder than ever for us to provide the front line services that residents need.

“However, we continue to work hard to minimise the impact of service cuts, despite having to find additional ongoing savings of £1 million over the next three years.”

The community forums start this Tuesday (30 January) at Matlock Town Hall, then at the Henmore Suite, McMurtry & Harding veterinary practice, Clifton Road, Ashbourne, on Wednesday 7 February and at the Bakewell Agricultural Business Centre on Wednesday 14 February. All start at 7 pm and there is no need to pre-book.

Services provided by the District Council include affordable housing, business support, leisure centres and health initiatives, waste and recycling collections, parks maintenance, street cleaning, council tax support and crime prevention initiatives.

The District Council’s Efficiency Plan will be updated to show how it will achieve the necessary savings.

Over the next three years the Dales authority aims to become less reliant on government funding and move to a more sustainable basis of funding from council tax, business rates and charges for services.

Councillor Rose added:

“We are pledging to review every single one of our services on a rolling basis to make them as efficient and cost-effective as possible. The Efficiency Plan will demonstrate that increased income, together with more efficient services, will lead to financial sustainability over the medium term.

“Not only are these reviews making our services more efficient. In some cases it has meant opting to deliver them differently, sometimes with partners or as shared services.

“So we make no apology to our residents for accounting for every penny we spend and that has prompted some very tough decisions in recent times, not least of which is agreeing to outsource the management of our four leisure centres.

“I pointed out 12 months ago that all future capital projects would need critical evaluation and that remains the case. Our reserves are low and, for now, landmark projects are consigned to the past. But we remain committed to using all the resources at our disposal to further vital corporate priorities such as helping new businesses to grow and enabling affordable homes for local people for whom the Derbyshire Dales is ‘home’.”

The community forums offer the public the chance to view and comment on the District Council’s spending plans presentation. The presentation will also be available to view online.

The increase in each tax band in respect of the District Council’s share of Council Tax is shown in the table below:

 Band  Council Tax 2017/18  Proposed Council Tax for 2018/19  Increase on previous year    Increase per week
 Band A  £132.23  £136.18    £3.95  £0.08 
 Band B  £154.26  £158.88  £4.62  £0.09 
 Band C   £176.30  £181.57  £5.27  £0.10 
 Band D  £198.34  £204.27  £5.93  £0.11
 Band E £242.42  £249.66 £7.24 £0.14 
 Band F £286.49  £295.06  £8.57    £0.16 
 Band G £330.57  £340.45  £9.88 £0.19 
Band H £396.68 £408.54 £11.86 £0.23
  • The full budget report will be published on or before Monday 26 February and will include more details about the District Council’s revenue and capital programme proposals for 2018/19.
  • Council tax in band D is currently £198.34 in 2017/18. The proposed increase of 2.99% a year for a Band D (equating to an extra £5.93 a year or 11p a week), taking the band D council tax rate to £204.27 in 2018/19
Residents will hear this week that Derbyshire Dales District Council proposes to increase its share of Council Tax bills by 2.99%.

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