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Special meeting to consider car parking review

Possible changes to Derbyshire Dales District Council’s car parking policy will be considered by councillors on 5 December - and the meeting will be broadcast live online.

The special meeting of the Community & Environment Committee follows a public consultation in August and September when local people were given the opportunity to have their say on the possibility of charging for some existing free car parks and revising charges for season tickets.

  • The meeting will not be discussing residents' free parking permits, distributed annually to all 34,000 homes across the Dales, entitling residents to park free every day of the year before 11am and after 4pm.

The free car parks in question are Ashbourne's Cokayne Avenue, Cromford’s Market Place and Lime Yard, Matlock's Edgefold Road and Wirksworth's Canterbury Road and North End.

Originally the results of the consultation and officer recommendations were due to be debated at the Community & Environment Committee’s scheduled 16 November meeting.

Now the District Council has decided to set aside a full meeting to allow for the fullest possible discussion on the parking policy. Members of the public wishing to ask questions, express views or present petitions at the meeting must do so in writing, or by telephoning 01629 761133 or emailing committee@derbyshiredales.gov.uk  no later than 12 noon on 4 December.

The council undertook a detailed parking policy review in 2013 when a number of changes were approved and implemented.

Other recommendations were put on hold for the additional consultation that took place during the summer, when more than 1,100 responded to the council’s online questionnaire.

Feedback was invited on the possible revision of charges for season tickets, permit holder car parks and three and seven-day permits, bringing some existing free car parks into charge and making some existing free car parks available for permit holders only.

A District Council spokesperson said:

"It's important to stress we are not proposing to change any other aspect of the existing Parking Order at the 5 December meeting, and our residents should note that the annual Residents' Free Parking Concession issued to every household annually is not part of this review."

The review is part of the council’s ongoing efficiency plan to counter successive central government grant cuts, including a further 20% for 2017/18, which makes it harder than ever to provide the front line services residents need.

Additional ongoing savings of £1.6 million have to be found over the next three years.

The spokesperson added:

“If possible we aim to do this without substantially increasing the financial burden on Derbyshire Dales Council Tax payers, but it means we have no choice but to explore new income areas and to continue to review all our services to achieve further savings and efficiencies."

A summary of the results from the consultation will be published on the District Council’s www.derbyshiredales.gov.uk website seven days before councillors meets on 5 December.

Possible changes to Derbyshire Dales District Council’s car parking policy will be considered by councillors on 5 December - and the meeting will be broadcast live online.

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