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Local businesses invited to spend a penny on loos

Local businesses are being invited to spend a penny or two on community loos in an arrangement that could raise the profile of their company.

Your District Council is currently reviewing all 26 of its toilet blocks throughout the district - and one of the options being explored is sponsorship to help towards the cost of cleaning and maintenance.

Businesses are also being asked to step forward to talk to the District Council about the possibility of allowing members of the public to use their own loos for free in exchange for a small revenue grant.

Community groups and town and parish councils in the Derbyshire Dales are also welcome to get in touch to talk about playing a bigger role in the running of their local loos.

A District Council spokesperson said:

"As a District Council we have been clear for some time now that we are reviewing all our services on a rolling basis to make them as efficient and cost effective as possible.

“A key question in any review is whether the service needs to be provided at all, and as part of this review of the 26 toilet sites we manage across the Derbyshire Dales we are engaging local community groups, town and parish councils for their feedback and to explore ways of protecting our public conveniences.

"Closure of any of the facilities would be an absolute last option, but we are conscious of the need to make savings of £1.6-million across all our services over the next three years."

The results of the fact-finding exercise will be reported to councillors for debate at the end of this year, when another possible option could be the introduction of a nominal fee for using public conveniences in the Dales.

The spokesperson added:

"Some scare stories have already appeared locally claiming that we're looking to close well used town centre loos. This is absolutely not the case, but we do need to look at options that make the public conveniences we operate less of a burden to our Council Tax payers, which is why we are encouraging local businesses, community groups and councils to come and talk to us."

Please contact either the District Council's Head of Corporate Services Sandra Lamb on 01629 761281 or Head of Regulatory Services Tim Braund on 01629 761118.

  • Pictured above: One of our 26 toilet blocks – the recently renovated facility in Matlock Bath’s Memorial Gardens, where Clean & Green Team member Robert Fretwell is see on cleaning duty
Local businesses are being invited to spend a penny or two on community loos in an arrangement that could raise the profile of their company.

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