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Your District Council's annual budget meeting, which took place on Thursday 2 March, is available to view in full on our YouTube channel.

Councillors set your Council Tax for the coming financial year at the meeting and agreed a capital spending plan.

In 2017/18 further cuts in government funding (20%), combined with financial pressures such as the National Living Wage and the Apprentices Levy, mean that to maintain our services at the level you expect, we’re increasing our part of the Council Tax by 2.6%. So the average Dales household will pay around 10p more a week for our services than in 2016/17 (£5 extra per year for a band D property).

Although we as a district council collect Council Tax on behalf of all local authorities/agencies, we only spend 12% of the total (Derbyshire County Council's share is 70%). We actually keep the equivalent of just 54p a day to spend on services we provide for you.

Responding to further central government funding cuts, the 2 March meeting also featured a 'Planning for the Future' update from Chief Executive Dorcas Bunton.

  • The meeting, which was broadcast live, can be viewed here
  • View the agenda for the meeting and associated reports here [PDF 3.11MB]
  • View a full report of the meeting here
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