First Steps to Gold Standard service

Your District Council’s homelessness and housing advice service has been commended in a review.

Undertaken by officers from other local authorities and a representative from the National Practitioner Support Service, the peer review looked at every aspect of the service the District Council provides for people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness.

The review was the first step on the way to the District Council achieving the ‘Gold Standard Challenge’ – a national scheme designed to help local authorities deliver more efficient and cost effective homelessness prevention services.

The District Council scored an average of 72%, which means it can now apply for the ten local challenges, with the aim of becoming a Gold Standard service.

The scheme encourages local authorities to help prevent increases in homelessness and rough sleeping by delivering comprehensive preventative services for all clients - not just the families and very vulnerable individuals who would otherwise be owed a statutory duty.

A District Council spokesperson said:

“The scheme has been designed around the 10 'local challenges', such as having a homelessness strategy, working with the statutory and voluntary sectors to provide a range of prevention services and keeping people out of bed and breakfast accommodation.

“The benefits of such services mean that homelessness can be prevented or relieved rather than having to place families in expensive temporary accommodation, such as bed and breakfast accommodation. Preventative services also help avoid the wider costs associated with homelessness which are felt across the public sector, such as health and criminal justice costs.”

Rachel Lloyd of the National Practitioner Support Service said:

"We are delighted that Derbyshire Dales District Council is engaged with the Gold Standard Programme and has recently participated in a peer review of their front line housing options and homelessness service.

“Peer reviewers particularly commended Derbyshire Dales for their customer centric approach to homelessness prevention. It was also recognised that the commitment to homelessness prevention was evident from senior and corporate management through to the front line.”

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