Derbyshire Dales is top place to live

Derbyshire Dales has been named as the best place to live in the Midlands and North of England - and fourth in the whole of the UK.

Winchester is top of the list according to the 2016 Halifax Quality of Life Survey, based on residents' health and life expectancy, employment and earnings, and high scores in personal well-being surveys.

The Orkney Islands have taken second place, followed by Wychavon in Worcestershire, the Derbyshire Dales and Hambleton in North Yorkshire.

Both Derbyshire Dales and Hambleton have one of the highest employment rates (87.7%) and 45.1% of adults, on average, have a higher level of qualification (such as a degree, NVQ level 4 and above or professional qualification) compared to a national average of 35.6%.

All three also have a relatively large number of bars and pubs, but especially Derbyshire Dales, with 27 per 10,000 adults, while Wychavon has the third highest number of health and fitness clubs – 3.5 per 10,000 adults.

Derbyshire Dales also scores strongly in the Personal Well-Being Survey as well as long male and female life expectancy.

A District Council spokesperson said:

“This is excellent news and the only surprise we would express as the local authority is that we aren’t top of the list of places to live! Seriously, a lot of hard work goes into making the Derbyshire Dales a great place to work, live and visit and we and our partners remain absolutely committed to maintaining the beautiful Dales’ first class reputation for the benefit of our residents and local businesses.”

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