Changes to Benefits Cap from 7 Nov

From 7th November 2016, the Government is reducing the amount allowed by the benefit cap, so if you have not been affected so far, you might be in the future.  Note you should not be worried about this unless you receive a letter from the Jobcentre discussing Benefit Cap.

How might it affect someone?
From 7th November 2016, the cap will be reduced and the total amount of benefits that you or your household receives will be limited to a maximum of:

  • £257.69 per week for single people without children, or whose children don't live with them
  • £384.62 per week for single parents whose children live with them
  • £384.62 per week for couples with or without children

The Department for Work & Pensions decides if households are affected and then notifies the District Council – this is because we are expected to reduce the amount of Housing Benefit payable to you by the amount of excess benefit income you receive above the level of the cap. If you are already receiving Universal Credit, the reduction will be taken from the housing element (no reduction will be made to the childcare element).

As always we are here to help you – so contact the Benefits Team if you need further help or advice.

Further details and information can be found here – if you receive correspondence from Jobcentre Plus please contact the Benefits Section on 01629 818222 or at or face to face at the Town Hall in Matlock (note advice closes at 12am on Monday and Thursday).

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