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We're supporting National Recycle Week

Derbyshire Dales District Council is supporting this year’s National Recycle Week campaign to encourage residents to think about some of the less obvious things that can be recycled.

The theme of Recycle Week 2016, which takes place between 12 – 18 September, is The Unusual Suspects.

The aim of this year’s Recycling Week campaign is to remind people that it is not just in the kitchen where recycling happens. Many products found in the bathroom and bedroom can also be recycled. That is why we are asking residents to think about The Unusual Suspects. It’s the toothpaste boxes, plastic shampoo bottles, toilet roll tubes, beauty crème jars and aerosol cans we sometimes forget. As well as the glass bottles from scent and after-shave bottles. So when you are tidying up - please watch out for The Unusual Suspects.

Did you know that if everyone in the UK recycled one aluminium deodorant aerosol can, enough energy could be saved to vacuum over 480,000 homes for a year?

Or, if everyone in the UK recycled one air freshener aerosol can, enough energy could be saved to run a fridge in more than 91,000 homes for a year!

Don’t let The Unusual Suspects get away with it! All these items can be put out with your regular kerbside recycling collection.

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