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Helping Y-Not get bigger and better

With tens of thousands of people attending the Y-Not Festival here in the Derbyshire Dales this weekend, we're delighted to be playing a part again to ensure this growing event is a big success.

The District Council's licensing and environmental health teams have been heavily involved in the organisation and are part of a Safety Advisory Group including police, fire, highways and ambulance officers that helped to plan for increased numbers to be accommodated safely this year.

The work we have done as a District Council includes:

  • Advising organisers on legal requirements to increase numbers and dealing with application
  • Ensuring the Event Safety Management Plan is suitable and sufficient
  • Checking hygiene of food outlets
  • Checking safety of stages and other structures
  • Ensuring quality of water supply on site
  • Ensuring that noise levels comply with agreed limits
  • Checking licence requirements are complied with
  • Working with taxi drivers to ensure that festival goers are transported safely and fairly
  • Working with Fire Service to ensure camping areas are safe

District Council officers will be meeting up with police representatives at the Pikehall site for Y-Not's first night this evening (Friday 29 July), and environmental health staff will be attending on Saturday to monitor sound levels.

The Y-Not Safety Advisory Group

Photo: Ben Crocker

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