EU Referendum count - Arc Leisure Matlock

The Derbyshire Dales narrowly voted LEAVE in the EU Referendum on Thursday 23 June, winning 51.6% of the local electorate vote to Remain's 48.4%.

After polling stations closed across the Dales at 10pm, the count kicked into action at Arc Leisure Matlock, from where, at shortly before 4am, it was announced that Leave had polled 24,095 votes to Remain's 22,633 from a total Dales electorate of 46,728. The turnout of almost 82% was the highest in any election or referendum here since 1992.

Star performers in the Derbyshire Dales were the people of Atlow, where 71 people voted from a registered electorate of 76 (93.42%), followed by Snelston, where 121 people voted from registered electorate of 130 (93.08%).

Lowest individual turnout in the Derbyshire Dales was Matlock Hurst Farm with 59.96% - 532 voters from 887 local electorate.

The busiest Derbyshire Dales polling station was Bakewell Town Hall, where 1,274 people voted, followed by Ashbourne Town Hall (1,223).

Referendum result

EU Referendum count at Arc Leisure Matlock

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