Contract placed to repair Arc teaching pool

Following extensive surveys and investigations a contract has been placed to carry out repairs to the teaching pool at Derbyshire Dales District Council's Arc Leisure Matlock.

Work will start at the beginning of next month - and the good news is that use of the main pool will be unaffected. The nature of the work however means that it will be three weeks from completion before the teaching pool can be filled with water, ensuring grout has properly dried.

The likely reopening date is therefore somewhere around the beginning of July, and in the meantime Arc Leisure Matlock is offering family swimming for a discounted £5 to encourage families to continue to swim together.

While some scheduled swimming lessons have been switched to the main pool, others have been cancelled and parents informed of how to reclaim fees.

Assessments have revealed that the root cause of what was thought originally to be a small issue of tiles needing to be replaced is a more significant problem requiring all remaining tiles in the pool floor to be removed and completely replaced.

A District Council spokesperson said:

"While our priority has always been to get the teaching pool back in action again as soon as possible it was important to thoroughly investigate the problem to make sure it doesn't happen again.

"This meant a drilling inspection of the screed bed beneath the tiles, the removal of core samples for examination as well as an inspection too of the actual tiles and grout. The verdict of specialists is that the problem is consistent with the long term movement of the underlying concrete base, causing the tiles to be forced upwards from the tile adhesive bed.

"So it's been a frustrating few weeks for users and staff, but for the best of reasons, as spending public money on a quick fix would have been inappropriate in these circumstances. We are now satisfied that the problem can be rectified and should not happen again."

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