Car park revamp paves way for M&S in Matlock

Your District Council's rooftop car park above Matlock's former Co-operative store will close for refurbishments on Monday 8 February - paving the way for M&S to move into the vacant space below.

The rooftop car park, accessed from Imperial RoadThe closure of the car park and stairwells linking the car park to Bakewell Road and Imperial Road is the first phase of a three-month programme of improvements that will feature the complete resurfacing and remarking of the parking area, part funded by the District Council, and the division and fitting out of the existing store into two units.

The main unit will be an M&S Simply Food store.

The vacant Bakewell Road storeIn October last year the District Council opted to retain ownership of the supermarket site and improve the rooftop car park rather than take up M&S's offer to buy the site outright - including the supermarket, existing roof top car park, former bus station and market hall accommodation.

Councillors felt there was a financial risk of exchanging a major income stream for a single capital receipt, but M&S are still moving into Matlock on a leaseholder basis.

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