Taxi drivers and operators - revised fees

A change in legislation has extended the renewal periods for Taxi/Private Hire Vehicle Driver Licences and Private Hire Operator Licences.  From 1st October 2015 a combined Taxi/Private Hire Driver's Licence issued by Derbyshire Dales District Council will be renewable every 3 years (previously every year) and a Private Hire Operator's Licence will be renewable every 5 years (previously every 3 years).

The changes have introduced the following revised application fees for these licences with effect from             1st October 2015, after a period of public advertisement and consultation with the Taxi Trade.

Fees from 1 October 2015

 Driver's licence renewable every 3 years

Application for new or renewal of Combined Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Driver's Licence (Badge)  £160
 DVLA Check (every year)  £8 (still required annually)
 DBS Enhanced Criminal Record Check (required every 3 years)  £44 (plus £8 DCC admin fee) and £2 DDDC handling fee

New Driver's Licence - Applicant will be required to pass a Knowledge Test

Driver's Knowledge Test and Test Re-Sit  £28.50 per time
Private Hire Operator's Licence renewable every 5 years  
Application for new or renewal of Private Hire Operator's Licence £400
  • A Private Hire Operator will need a basic criminal record check, unless he/she is already licensed as a driver with the District Council and has a current enhanced Disclosure Certificate.

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