Travellers update - Doveridge

Derbyshire Dales District Council is continuing to work hard to remove Travellers who have occupied over recent days land in Doveridge that we own and maintain.

We responded immediately to their arrival and our legal team have secured the earliest possible court hearing, which is next Wednesday, 12 August. Our officers have visited the site on several occasions to collate evidence and we continue to monitor the site.

Court papers have now been served on the Travellers and if they do not vacate the site in the meantime, the hearing will proceed on Wednesday to obtain an order for them to vacate the site no later than 4pm the following day. If this doesn't happen, the District Council will authorise bailiffs to secure their removal.

So we are doing everything in our powers and within the law to address this matter as quickly as possible. We can confirm that the occupied site is consecrated ground earmarked for future use, but it is not currently a burial ground.

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