Marathon rowing session to boost Nepal recovery

Arc rowing marathon 300 pxA fitness instructor and a gym member at Arc Leisure Matlock are each planning to row the equivalent of the English Channel in a single session to raise money for the recovery effort in the wake of the Nepal earthquake.

Paul East, who works at the District Council leisure centre, and Dave Goodridge will each attempt an indoor marathon row of 26 miles (42km) at Arc on 12 July.

Sponsorship money will be used to help rebuild seven primary schools in Nuwakot, one of the worst hit areas of Nepal, and will be sent direct to the project team carrying out this crucial work.

Said Dave, who lives in Matlock:

"School buildings within Nepalese villages are an integral part of the social network, community and social structure. Not only are schools a place for education and a safe, supervised place for parents to leave their children, they also act as community centres and are more important now than ever as they are a safe place for children to go to while parents clear and rebuild their homes.

"These are some of the poorest people in the world and to help these children by rebuilding their schools is inspiring. All the money raised is going straight to the people who need it and even the smallest donations will make a big difference in such a poor country."

Paul, of Chesterfield, said:

"The training is intense. I completed 35km on Sunday in just under three hours and we're planning to hit 37km this Sunday ahead of the actual marathon. It's painful, but we remind ourselves that our pain is nothing compared to that felt by those caught up in the massive earthquake and aftershocks that happened in Nepal. That keeps us going."

Sponsorship forms are available in the fitness suite at Arc Leisure Matlock, and supporters can also donate online.

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