Petitions not accepted

Petitions that will not be reported are:

Duplicate petitions

Where more than one petition is received in time for a particular meeting, each supporting the same outcome on one matter, each petition organiser will be treated as an independent petition organiser, but only the petition organiser of the first petition to be received will be invited to address the relevant meeting. This does not prevent any other member of the public addressing the meeting during the specific public time allotted at each meeting. Where possible the Council will inform each petition organiser of the duplication and provide details if we are able.

Repeat Petitions

Were a petition will not normally be considered where they are received within 6 months of another petition being considered by the District Council on the same matter.

Rejected Petitions

Petitions will not be reported if in the opinion of the Petitions Officer, they are rude, offensive, defamatory, scurrilous or time-wasting, or do not relate to something which is the responsibility of the District Council, or over which the District Council has some influence.

Petitions relating to Planning and Licensing

Petitions relating to Planning and Licensing matters will not be considered outside of the proper consideration of the matter. So for example a petition following a planning decision by the appropriate committee will not be considered as there are proper statutory routes for appealing such decisions and these are laid out in the appropriate legislation.