Car Parking Review

This consultation ended at 23:59:59 on 21 June 2013.

results are availableThe District Council began a detailed review of its car parking policy at the end of January this year. Feedback from local residents, traders and groups has helped shape a series of new ideas. So far, the consultation programme has included: three community forums, discussion at the Derbyshire Dales annual Parish and Town Councils conference, and meetings with traders, residents and disability groups. Partner agencies have also been asked for their views.

Having listened to what people have told us, we are now ready to consult on proposed changes to our car parking policy. No decisions have yet been made. The District Council will meet on 25 July to consider the results of the public consultation and endorse a new car parking policy. Please use this questionnaire to give us your views.

What we propose

car park pay and displayWe have to make some tough decisions. The District Council faces a 22.4% grant reduction from Government over the next two years (on top of a 15.6% cut in 2012/13 and 16.2% in 2011/12). Income from car parking allows us to cover the cost of operating our car parks, and provide services to residents, businesses and the 6.9 million visitors to our district who benefit from the services we provide. It also helps keep Council Tax bills down.

Therefore, as well as having regard to the financial impact on the local economy, the car parking review needs to consider the Council’s overall financial position. The review includes the structure and level of charges across our 33 Pay & Display car parks, concessions, provision and information, but not enforcement or car parks owned by others.

In summary, the proposed changes are to:

  • introduce the option of a half hour charge within short stay car parks
  • designate specific town centre car parks as short stay only
  • introduce a flat rate charge for evening / overnight parking
  • increase daytime parking charges to help keep pace with inflation
  • offer, at a charge, a second or replacement residents’ free parking permit
  • introduce parking charges for Blue Badge holders but with an additional hour free on top of any paid time
  • re-introduce a charge for the annual parking permit at the Agricultural Business Centre for livestock market traders
  • bring additional car parks into charge
  • carry out a machine replacement programme offering the option to pay on entry using either cash, debit / credit card or phone

We are not proposing to change the:

  • Residents’ free parking permit – every household will continue to receive a free parking permit enabling them to park free of charge in every District Council car park before 11am and after 4pm every day
  • Christmas parking concession – free parking for all after 2pm throughout December