Scheduled elections

Most elections happen on a regular cycle so we know when they are scheduled to take place. Sometimes this changes when elections take place in the same year or central Government calls an early election. By-elections are called when a representative resigns or dies, so are unpredictable.

The table below shows the normal schedule of elections for the Derbyshire Dales area. Elections are usually held on the first Thursday of the month.

We have been advised by the Cabinet Office that we do not need to prepare for a European Parliamentary Election in May 2019.

Type Held every Next election date
Derbyshire Dales District Council 4 years 2 May 2019
Parish and Town Council 4 years 2 May 2019
Police and Crime Commissioner 4 years 7 May 2020
Derbyshire County Council 4 years 6 May 2021
Parliamentary Election 5 years 5 May 2022