European Parliament

Results of the European Parliamentary Election held on 22 May 2014.

East Midlands Region

Party Votes
An Independence from Europe 21,384
British National Party 18,326
Conservative Party 291,270
English Democrats 11,612
Green Party 67,066
Harmony Party 2,194
Labour Party 279,363
Liberal Democrats 60,773
UK Independence Party 368,734

Further information on the results for the East Midland's region can be found at

Derbyshire Dales Local Counting Area

Party Votes
An Independence from Europe 375
British National Party 246
Conservative Party 7,768
English Democrats 74
Green Party 2,182
Harmony Party 112
Labour Party 3,918
Liberal Democrats 1,557
UK Independence Party 6,291
Total 22,523

Votes Recorded for the Derbyshire Dales Voting Area [PDF 0.01MB]