District council elections

2019 District Council Elections

District Council Elections took place on 2 May 2019 and the Conservatives retained control of the Council by one seat. The turnout across all 25 wards was 41.6% and the political make-up of the new authority is:
  • Conservatives 20 seats
  • Lib Dems 8
  • Labour 6
  • Independents 3
  • Green Party 2

All Candidates are required to submit a spending return before Thursday 6 June. Candidates and their agents must also submit a declaration of expenses.  The forms are available to download here:
Candidate Spending Return Guidance [144KB]

District Candidate Spending Return [110KB]

Expenses Declaration for Candidate [19KB]

Expenses Declaration for Agent [19KB]

Here are the results in full:

Ashbourne North

The parish wards of Belle Vue and Parkside of the parish of Ashbourne and the parish of Offcote and Underwood.

Electorate: 2974
Number of seats: 2

Candidate Party Votes Result
Bull, Sue The Conservative Party Candidate  519  ELECTED
Dobbs, Peter David Lewis Liberal Democrats  325  
Hope, Roslyn Elizabeth Labour Party  187  
Lees, Stuart The Conservative Party Candidate  515  ELECTED
White, Andy Labour Party  198  
Wildgoose, Patricia Ann Liberal Democrats  263  
Turnout: 36.5%      

Ashbourne South

The parish wards of Hilltop and St. Oswalds of the parish of Ashbourne

Electorate: 4098
Number of seats: 2

Candidate Party Votes Result
 Archer, Robert James  Liberal Democrats  538  ELECTED
 Donnelly, Tom  The Conservative Party Candidate  598  ELECTED
 Ginnis, Peter  Labour Party  161  
 Hill, John James  The Green Party  157  
 Murphy, Dermot Joseph  Conservative Party Candidate  516  
 Pugh, Ruth Anna Elisabeth  Labour Party  160  
Shirtcliffe, Robin Michael  Liberal Democrats  447  
Turnout: 34.2%      


The parish wards of Bakewell, Ashford in the Water, Nether Haddon, Over Haddon and Sheldon

Electorate: 3647
Number of seats: 3

Candidate Party Votes Result
 Hill, Alyson Jane  Conservative Party Candidate  1015  ELECTED
 Morgans, Paul Wayne  Labour Party  465  
 Sutton, Alasdair Harold  Conservative Party Candidate  939  ELECTED
 Swift, Helen Nina  Labour Party  408  
 Wakeman, Mark Anthony  Conservative Party Candidate  1025  ELECTED
Turnout: 42.9%      


The parishes of Bradwell, Foolow, Great Hucklow, Grindlow, Hazelbadge and Little Hucklow

Electorate: 1487
Number of seats: 1

Candidate Party Votes Result
 Furness, Chris  The Conservative Party Candidate  324  ELECTED
 Swain, Les  Labour Party  240  
Turnout: 40.1%      


The parishes of Brailsford, Hollington, Longford and Mercaston

Electorate: 1503
Number of seats: 1

Candidate Party Votes Result
 Bishop, Nicholas Vincent Paul  Labour Party  114  
 Morley, Michele  The Conservative Party Candidate  452  ELECTED
Turnout: 39.1%      


The parishes of Calver, Curbar, Froggatt and Stoney Middleton

Electorate: 1469
Number of seats: 1

Candidate Party Votes Result
Barker, Thomas  Labour Party  131  
Froggatt, Helen Margaret  The Conservative Party Candidate  329  ELECTED
Scott, Robert Alun  The Green Party  219  
Turnout: 46.8%      

Carsington Water

The parishes of Aldwark, Atlow, Ballidon, Bradbourne, Brassington, Carsington, Hognaston, Hopton, Ible, Ivonbrook Grange and Kniveton

Electorate: 1519
Number of seats: 1

Candidate Party Votes Result
 Allen, Bob  Labour Party  122  
 Elsworth, Margaret Ann  Liberal Democrats  132  
 Rose, Lewis Michael  The Conservative Party Candidate  374  ELECTED
Turnout: 41.7%      


The parishes of Baslow and Bubnell, Beeley, Chatsworth, Edensor and Pilsley

Electorate: 1321
Number of seats: 1

Candidate Party Votes Result
 Bowman, Barbara Jeanne  Liberal Democrats  100  
 Butler, Jacob  Labour Party  60  
 Hobson, Susan  The Conservative Party Candidate  456  ELECTED
Turnout: 47.1%      

Clifton and Bradley

The parishes of Bradley, Clifton and Compton, Edlaston and Wyaston, Osmaston, Shirley, Snelston and Yeldersley

Electorate: 1440
Number of seats: 1

Candidate Party Votes Result
Pugh, Bob  Labour Party  114  
Shirley, Andrew John Sewallis Carr  Conservative Party Candidate  396  ELECTED
Stone, Richard  UKIP  102 -
Turnout: 43.3%      

Darley Dale

The parishes of Darley Dale

Electorate: 4673
Number of seats:3

Candidate Party Votes Result
Atkin, Jason Matthew Conservative Party Candidate  755  ELECTED
Bell, Naomi Liberal Democrats  431  
Creese, Andrew Liberal Democrats  374  
Godber, Roger John Labour Party  324  
Hickling, Emma Green Party  363  
Kendrick, Keith Edward Labour Party  246  
Martin, Stephen Liberal Democrats  241  
Peacock, Lucy Jane Elizabeth Labour Party  301  
Roe, Paul Cecil UKIP  267  
Salt, Mark Leslie Conservative Party Candidate  685  ELECTED
Statham, Andrew Paul Conservative Party Candidate  653  ELECTED
Turnout: 37.2%      

Dovedale and Parwich

The parishes Eaton and Alsop, Fenny Bentley, Hartington Nether Quarter, Lea Hall, Mappleton, Newton Grange, Parwich, Tissington and Thorpe

Electorate: 1349
Number of seats:1

Candidate Party Votes Result
Fearn, Sandra Liberal Democrats  78  
Fitzherbert, Richard Ranulph Conservative Party Candidate  424  ELECTED
Hodgson, Sue Labour Party  73  
Turnout: 43.8%      

Doveridge and Sudbury

The parishes of Doveridge and Sudbury

Electorate: 1564
Number of seats:1

Candidate Party Votes Result
Allison, Jacqueline Independent  343  ELECTED
Butler, Laurie Labour Party  57  
Catt, Albert Joseph Phineous The Conservative Party Candidate  238  
Turnout: 41.2%      

Hartington and Taddington

The parishes of Blackwell in the Peak, Brushfield, Chelmorton, Flagg, Hartington Middle Quarter, Hartington Town Quarter and Taddington

Electorate: 1356
Number of seats:1

Candidate Party Votes Result
Bond, Asher Jacob Liberal Democrats  61  
Chapman, David George The Conservative Party Candidate  289  ELECTED
Cowings, John Labour Party  51  
Youatt, John Robin Green Party  82  
Turnout: 36.3%      

Hathersage and Eyam

The parishes of Abney and Abney Grange, Eyam, Grindleford, Hathersage, Highlow, Offerton and Outseats

Electorate: 3161
Number of seats: 2

Candidate Party Votes Result
Massey-Bloodworth, Vicky Conservative Party Candidate  548  
Nancolas, Eleanor Mary Liberal Democrats  420  
O'Brien, Peter Desmond Labour Party  585  ELECTED
Orchard, John Michael Conservative Party Candidate  479  
Raw, Claire Elizabeth Labour Party  552  ELECTED
Turnout: 45.7%      


The parishes of Biggin by Hulland, Callow, Hulland, Hulland Ward and Kirk Ireton

Electorate: 1497
Number of seats: 1

Candidate Party Votes Result
Ayliffe, Rosie Labour Party  110  
Bright, Richard The Conservative Party Candidate  445  ELECTED
Turnout: 38.1%      

Lathkill and Bradford

The parishes Harthill, Middleton and Smerrill, Monyash and Youlgreave

Electorate: 1280
Number of seats: 1

Candidate Party Votes Result
Elliott, Graham Independent  460  ELECTED
Wingard, Andrew John Labour Party  75  
Turnout: 42.3%      

Litton and Longstone

The parishes of Great Longstone, Hassop, Little Longstone, Litton, Rowland and Wardlow

Electorate: 1314
Number of seats: 1

Candidate Party Votes Result
Cole, Chris Labour Party  86  
Gamble, Clare Elaine Liberal Democrats  296  ELECTED
Stevens, Geoff The Conservative Party Candidate  228  
Turnout: 47.3%      


The parishes of Bonsall, Cromford and Matlock Bath

Electorate: 2400
Number of seats: 2

Candidate Party Votes Result
Green, John Michael The Green Party  273  
Hartley, Andrew Mellodew Labour Party  334  
Pawley, Joyce Priscilla Labour Party Candidate  459  ELECTED
Purdy, Garry William Conservative Party Candidate  386  ELECTED
Spowart, Bob UKIP  156 -
Walsh, Richard Noel The Conservative Party Candidate  261  
Turnout: 43.1%      

Matlock All Saints

The parish wards of Dimple Road East, Dimple Road West and South of the River, and North of Jackson Road of the parish of Matlock

Electorate: 4322
Number of seats: 3

Candidate Party Votes Result
Burfoot, Martin Stanway Liberal Democrats  1322  ELECTED
Burfoot, Sue Liberal Democrats  1465  ELECTED
Elliott, Ann The Conservative Party Candidate  549  
Fawcett-Neal, Elly Krystal The Conservative Party Candidate  339  
Rutter, Martin Joseph Labour Party  387  
Wain, Steve Liberal Democrats  1182  ELECTED
Whitney, Lucia Labour Party  339  
Turnout: 49.9%      

Matlock St Giles

The parish of Tansley and the parish wards of Chesterfield Road East, Hurst Farm, Matlock Green and Starkholmes and Riber of the parish of Matlock

Electorate: 4333
Number of seats: 3

Candidate Party Votes Result
Cruise, Paul William Liberal Democrats  746  ELECTED
Flitter, Steve Liberal Democrats  895  ELECTED
Goulden, Peter William Labour Party  352  
Green, Alayne The Conservative Party Candidate  415  
Hopkinson, Danny Conservative Party Candidate  474  
Hughes, David Christopher Liberal Democrats  675  ELECTED
Needham, Sylvia Ella Labour Party  359  
Stevens, Jacquie The Conservative Party Candidate  520  
Whitney, Phil Labour Party  318  
Turnout: 39.5%      


The parishes of Alkmonton, Boylestone, Cubley, Hungry Bentley, Marston Montgomery, Norbury and Roston, Rodsley, Somersal Herbert and Yeaveley

Electorate: 1407
Number of seats: 1

Candidate Party Votes Result
Cole, Jan Labour Party  90  
Morley, Tony The Conservative Party Candidate  435  ELECTED
Turnout: 39.2%      


The parishes of Birchover, Northwood and Tinkersley, Rowsley and Stanton in Peak

Electorate: 1439
Number of seats: 1

Candidate Party Votes Result
Buckler, Matthew Green Party  200  ELECTED
Joy-Matthews, Jennifer Labour Party  102  
Oakley, Dave The Conservative Party Candidate  199  
 Turnout: 35.5%      


The parishes of Tideswell and Wheston

Electorate: 1365
Number of seats: 1

Candidate Party Votes Result
Bowen, Chris Labour Party  113  
Buttle, Neil Anthony Green Party  204  ELECTED
Hewson-Stoate, Richard Andrew The Conservative Party Candidate  167  
Turnout: 36.3%      

Winster and South Darley

The parishes of Elton, Gratton, South Darley and Winster

Electorate: 1361
Number of seats: 1

Candidate Party Votes Result
Foster Phillips, Charlie Labour Party  22  
Swindell, Colin Independent  758  ELECTED
Turnout: 57.6%      


The parishes of Middleton and Wirksworth

Electorate: 4746
Number of seats: 3

Candidate Party Vote Result
Dixon, Ivan The Green Party  741  
Gratton, Gladwyn Hedley Kilkenny Conservative Party Candidate  590  
Jenkins, Angus David The Conservative Party Candidate  480  
McDonagh, Elisa Marie Labour Party  1089  ELECTED
Ratcliffe, Mike Labour Party  1200  ELECTED
Slack, Peter Labour Party  1128  ELECTED
Turnout: 42.7%      

Notice of Poll

Below are listed the Notices of Poll for each of the 25 Wards contested:

Ward - Notice of Poll Situation of Polling Places
Ashbourne North [PDF 19.82KB] Polling Stations [PDF 22.52KB]
Ashbourne South [PDF 21.78KB] Polling Stations [PDF 22.47KB]
Bakewell [PDF 20.29KB] Polling Stations [PDF 25.73KB]
Bradwell [PDF 16.14KB] Polling Stations [PDF 23.04KB]
Brailsford [PDF 16.07KB] Polling Stations [PDF 23.36KB]
Calver [PDF 17.48KB] Polling Stations [PDF 23.30KB]
Carsington Water [PDF 17.63KB] Polling Stations [PDF 25.54KB]
Chatsworth [PDF 17.07KB] Polling Stations [PDF 23.66KB]
Clifton and Bradley [PDF 17.22KB] Polling Stations [PDF 25.38KB]
Darley Dale [PDF 26.35KB] Polling Stations [PDF 23.56KB]
Dovedale and Parwich [PDF 17.12KB] Polling Stations [PDF 24.87KB]
Doveridge and Sudbury [PDF 17.12KB] Polling Stations [PDF 22.51KB]
Hartington and Taddington [PDF 18.42KB] Polling Stations [PDF 24.41KB]
Hathersage and Eyam [PDF 19.98KB] Polling Stations [PDF 23.21KB]
Hulland [PDF 15.53KB] Polling Stations [PDF 22.68KB]
Lathkill and Bradford [PDF 15.75KB] Polling Stations [PDF 23.13KB]
Litton and Longstone [PDF 16.95KB] Polling Stations [PDF 24.01KB]
Masson [PDF 19.62 KB] Polling Stations [PDF 23.24KB]
Matlock All Saints [PDF 22.61KB] Polling Stations [PDF 23.09KB]
Matlock St. Giles [PDF 24.4KB] Polling Stations [PDF 24.12KB]
Norbury [PDF 15.8KB] Polling Stations [PDF 25.23KB]
Stanton [PDF 17KB] Polling Stations [PDF 24.28KB]
Tideswell [PDF 16.85KB] Polling Stations [PDF 21.56KB]
Winster and South Darley [PDF 15.64KB] Polling Stations [PDF 23.15KB]
Wirksworth [PDF 20.15KB] Polling Stations [PDF 23.47KB]


Key dates for voters

  • Midnight Friday 12th April – last date to Register to Vote at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote It only takes 5 minutes
  • 5pm Monday 15th April – last date for new Postal Vote applications
  • 5pm Wednesday 24th April – last date for Proxy Vote applications


A briefing for confirmed candidates and their agents was held on Tuesday 9 April at 6.00pm in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Matlock.  All candidates were welcome to attend.  This covered campaigning dos and don'ts and the count arrangements. Here are some of the resources presented at the briefing:

Local Government electors as at 1 March 2019 [22KB] - a list of the number of electors for each ward

Candidate Briefing Slide Handouts [82KB] - from the presentation to candidates on 9 April 2019

Allocation of Teams [17KB] - which teams will be dealing with which ward at the count

Guide for Candidates and Agents attending the Verification and Count [1MB]

The key dates for the nomination process were:

Publication of Notice of Election (see notices below) 19 March 2019
 Nominations accepted at Matlock Town Hall 10am to 4pm on working days 19 March 2019 to 3 April 2019*
 Statement of Persons Nominated Published 4 April 2019

Useful information for candidates

Form for Candidates and Agents to request copies of the Electoral Register

Form for Candidates and Agents to request copies of the absent voter lists

Withdrawal Form

Code of Conduct for Campaigners

Being a District Councillor [366KB] - a presentation that will give you an idea of what life as a District Councillor is like

Map of Wards and Parishes [1.1MB] - shows how the District is divided up into Wards that are represented by one or more Councillors

Electoral Arrangements [45KB] - details the parishes within each Ward, the number of seats available and the current number of electors registered in each Ward.

Councillor Role Profile [41KB] a 'job description' for a District Councillor 

Statement of Persons Nominated

Ashbourne North Ward [0.3MB]

Ashbourne South Ward [0.3MB]

Bakewell Ward [0.3MB]

Bradwell Ward [0.3MB]

Brailsford Ward [0.3MB]

Calver Ward [0.3MB]

Carsington Water Ward [0.3MB]

Chatsworth Ward [0.3MB]

Clifton and Bradley Ward [0.3MB]

Darley Dale Ward [0.3MB]

Dovedale and Parwich Ward [0.3MB]

Doveridge and Sudbury Ward [0.3MB]

Hartington and Taddington Ward [0.3MB]

Hathersage and Eyam Ward [0.3MB]

Hulland Ward [0.3MB]

Lathkill and Bradford Ward [0.3MB]

Litton and Longstone Ward [0.3MB]

Masson Ward [0.3MB]

Matlock All Saints Ward [0.3MB]

Matlock St Giles Ward [0.3MB]

Norbury Ward [0.3MB}

Stanton Ward [0.3MB]

Tideswell Ward [0.3MB]

Winster and South Darley Ward [0.3MB]

Wirksworth Ward [0.3MB]

Significant dates for those elected.

The District Council has planned an Induction Programme for the new Council and a full version will be supplied to successful candidates immediately after their election.  If you are thinking of becoming a candidate it may be useful for you to know the dates involved so that you can plan ahead. Inability to attend on one or more of these dates does not preclude you from being a candidate as alternative arrangements for your training will be made.

9 May 2019 - 2pm - 7pm - Induction and Signing Ceremony
Councillors will sign their Declaration of Acceptance of Office and will have a chance to meet other Members and key members of staff.

10 May 2019 - 10am - 4.30pm - Tour of the District
Senior Officers will guide Members on a tour of significant sites and major projects within the District

13, 15 or 16 May 2019 - Information Technology Induction Sessions

22 May 2019 - Annual Meeting of the Council

Further training sessions covering how decisions are made, planning, licensing and appeals, ethics, finance, current issues, commercialism and several other topics will take place during June, July and September.

For further information please call our Helpline on 01629 761335.