Parish & town council elections

By-Elections on 15 August at Ashbourne Town Council (Belle Vue Ward) and Fenny Bentley

By-elections for 1 seat on Ashbourne Town Council, Belle Vue Ward and three seats on Fenny Bentley Parish Council will be held on 15 August 2019.  Nominations will be received by the Returning Officer at Derbyshire Dales District Council, Town Hall, Matlock DE4 3NN between 10am and 4pm from 10 - 19 July (working days only).


The Fenny Bentley by-election was uncontested and both candidates were, therefore, elected unopposed. 
Notice of Uncontested Election

There are two candidates for one seat in the Ashbourne Town Council (Belle Vue Ward) by-election and that will, therefore, go to a Poll on Thursday 15 August 2019.
Notice of Poll

Ashbourne Town Council - Belle Vue Ward Notice of Election [pdf 345KB]

Fenny Bentley Parish Council Notice of Election [pdf 277KB]

Nomination papers [pdf 589KB]

Request for Register [pdf 280KB]

Request for list of postal and proxy voters[pdf 287KB]

Guidance on completion of form [pdf 3MB]

Parish Councillor Role Profile [pdf 245 KB]

For further information please call our helpline on 01629 761335.

Town and Parish Council Elections 2019

The majority of Derbyshire Dales town and parish council wards were uncontested at the local elections on 2 May. However, there were elections in 10 wards and counting took place on the afternoon of Friday 3 May.

All candidates are required to submit an expenses return, by 30 May 2019, whether or not they were elected and irrespective of whether they incurred any expenditure. The forms are below.

Candidate expenses declaration for Parish Council election

Here are the results.

The wards contested were:

Ashbourne Town Council (Hill Top ward)

Electorate: 2515
Number of seats: 4

Candidate Description Votes Result
Bates, Anthony Edward    503  ELECTED
Bates, Ian    536  ELECTED
Brown, Denise    564  ELECTED
Harris, Norman    262  
Pugh, Bob    372  ELECTED
Turnout: 38.1%      


Electorate: 372
Number of seats: 7

Candidate Description Votes Result
 Akeroyd, Robert William    95  ELECTED
 Harrison, Christopher Andrew    109  ELECTED
 McGoverne, Roslyn    49  
 Sidery, Valerie    134  ELECTED
 Spinks, Robert Charles    102  ELECTED
 Taft, Benjamin    109  ELECTED
 Williams, Terry    108  ELECTED
 Windle, David Lawrence    103  ELECTED
Turnout: 45.2%      


Electorate: 155
Number of seats: 5

Candidate Description Votes Result
 Leese, Sarah Louise Ellen    58  ELECTED
 Moore, Matthew Edward    61  ELECTED
 Paton, James Henry    39  
 Watkins, Derek Walter    78  ELECTED
 Watson, Rob    51  ELECTED
 Wilkins, Peter Thomas Geoffrey    74  ELECTED
Turnout: 54.2%      

Hartington Nether Quarter

Electorate: 329
Number of seats: 6

Candidate Description Votes Result
Bonsall, Joan Margaret    76  
Coles, Julie Anne    109  ELECTED
Currington, Dawn    94  ELECTED
Griffiths, Steven William    78  ELECTED
Heathcote, Mark    89  ELECTED
McCurrach, Sandra    89  ELECTED
Prince, Donald Henry    25  
Tapping, Pete Independent  79 ELECTED
Turnout: 45.6%      

Matlock Town Council (Chesterfield Road East ward)

Electorate: 820
Number of seats: 1

Candidate Description Votes Result
Cruise, Paul William Liberal Democrats  229  ELECTED
Stevens, Jacquie The Conservative Party Candidate  161  
Turnout: 47.9%      

Matlock Town Council (Matlock Bank & Sheriff Fields ward)

Electorate: 1591
Number of seats: 2

Candidate Description Votes Result
Burfoot, Sue Liberal Democrats  590  ELECTED
Smith, Brian Michael Independent  277  ELECTED
Stevens, Geoff The Conservative Party Candidate  225  
Turnout: 48.6%      

Matlock Town Council (North of Jackson Road)

Electorate: 1280
Number of seats: 2

Candidate Description Votes Result
Elliott, Ann The Conservative Party Candidate  202  
Elsworth, David Edmund Liberal Democrats  461  ELECTED
Wain, Steve Liberal Democrats  515  ELECTED
Turnout: 53.2%      

Matlock Town Council (Smedley Street)

Electorate: 1451
Number of seats: 2

Candidate Description Votes Result
Crapper, Michael Liberal Democrats  436  ELECTED
Elsworth, Margaret Ann Liberal Democrat  469  ELECTED
Greenwood, Robin Humanity  187  
Turnout: 46.7%      

Stoney Middleton

Electorate: 401
Number of seats: 7

Candidate Description Votes Result
Bettney, Sue    128 ELECTED
Esposito, Karen Elaine    111 ELECTED
Flint, Lawrence    132 ELECTED
Games, Martyn Creswick    53  
Hall, Colin Peter    76  ELECTED
Spooner, Paul Grenville    131  ELECTED
Thorpe, Reuben    87  ELECTED
Tsielepi, Chris    157  ELECTED
Turnout: 48.9%      

Wirksworth Town Council (Bolehill ward)

Electorate: 607
Number of seats:2

Candidate Description Votes Result
Allen, Jerry Labour Party Candidate  82  
Barker, Sean Michael Independent  185  ELECTED
Casselden, Mike Labour Party  123  ELECTED
Turnout: 46%      

Overall turnout: 45.8% (4,359 votes cast from an electorate of 9,521)

Notice of Poll

Below are listed the Notices of Poll for each of the 10 Parishes / Town Councils contested:

Parish / Town Council - Notice of Poll & Situation of Polling Places
Ashbourne - Hill Top Ward [PDF 27.99KB]
Ashford in the Water [PDF 35.66KB]
Boylestone [PDF 27.04KB]
Hartington Nether Quarter [PDF 32.05KB]
Matlock Town Council - Chesterfield Road East Ward [PDF 27.71KB]
Matlock Town Council - Matlock Bank and Sheriff Fields [PDF 28.05KB]
Matlock Town Council - North of Jackson Road Ward [PDF 28.86KB]
Matlock Town Council - Smedley Street Ward [PDF 27.72KB]
Stoney Middleton [PDF 29.35KB]
Wirksworth - Wirksworth Bolehill Ward [PDF 27.60KB]


Key dates for voters

  • Midnight Friday 12th April – last date to Register to Vote at It only takes 5 minutes
  • 5pm Monday 15th April – last date for new Postal Vote applications
  • 5pm Wednesday 24th April – last date for Proxy Vote applications


A briefing for confirmed candidates was held on Tuesday 9 April at 6.00pm in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Matlock.  All candidates were welcome to attend.  This covered campaigning dos and don'ts and the count arrangements. Here are some of the resources presented at the briefing:

Local Government electors as at 1 March 2019 [22KB] - a list of the number of electors for contested parishes

Candidate Briefing Slide Handouts [82KB] - from the presentation to candidates on 9 April 2019

Other useful Information for Candidates

Form to request a copy of the Register

Form to request copies of absent voter lists

Withdrawal Form

Code of Conduct for Campaigners

Being a Councillor [366KB] - a presentation that will give you an idea of what life as a District Councillor is like

Parish Electoral Arrangements [116KB] - this shows the number of Members to be elected in each parish and the current electorate for that area.

Parish Councillor Role Profile [41KB] - this is a 'job description' for Parish Councillors.

If you need any further information please contact our Helpline on 01629 761300

Statement of Persons Nominated

The Statement of Persons nominated for all parishes can be downloaded here. Individual notices are below.

Alkmonton Parish Council [0.3MB]

Ashbourne Town Council - Belle Vue Ward [0.30MB]

Ashbourne Town Council - Hilltop Ward [0.30MB]

Ashbourne Town Council - Parkside Ward [0.30MB]

Ashbourne Town Council - St Oswald Ward [0.30MB]

Ashford in the Water Parish Council [0.30MB]

Bakewell Town Council [0.30MB]

Ballidon Parish Council [0.30MB] no candidates

Baslow and Bubnell Parish Council [0.30MB]

Beeley Parish Council [0.30MB]

Birchover Parish Council [0.30MB]

Bonsall Parish Council [0.30MB]

Boylestone Parish Council [0.30MB]

Bradbourne Parish Council [0.30MB]

Bradley Parish Council [0.30MB]

Bradwell Parish Council [0.30MB]

Brailsford Parish Council [0.30MB]

Brassington Parish Council [0.30MB]

Calver Parish Council [0.30MB]

Carsington Parish Council [0.30MB]

Chelmorton Parish Council [0.30MB]

Clifton & Compton Parish Council [0.30MB]

Cromford Parish Council [0.30MB]

Cubley Parish Council [0.30MB]

Curbar Parish Council [0.30MB]

Darley Dale Town Council - North Ward [0.30MB]

Darley Dale Town Council - South Ward [0.30MB]

Doveridge Parish Council [0.30MB]

Eaton and Alsop Parish Council [0.30MB]

Edlaston and Wyaston Parish Council [0.30MB]

Elton Parish Council [0.30MB]

Eyam Parish Council [0.30MB]

Fenny Bentley Parish Council [0.30MB]

Flagg Parish Council [0.30MB]no candidates

Great Hucklow Parish Council [0.30MB]

Great Longstone Parish Council [0.30MB]

Grindleford Parish Council [0.30MB]

Grindlow Parish Council [0.30MB]

Hartington Middle Quarter Parish Council [0.30MB]

Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council [0.30MB]

Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council [0.30MB]

Hathersage Parish Council [0.30MB]

Hognaston Parish Council [0.30MB]

Hollington Parish Council [0.30MB]

Hopton Parish Council [0.30MB]

Hulland Ward Parish Council [0.30MB]

Hungry Bentley Parish Council

Kirk Ireton Parish Council [0.30MB] No candidates

Kniveton Parish Council [0.30MB]

Little Hucklow Parish Council [0.30MB]

Litton Parish Council [0.30MB]

Longford Parish Council [0.30MB]

Mappleton Parish Council [0.30MB]

Marston Montgomery Parish Council [0.30MB]

Matlock Bath Parish Council [0.30MB]

Matlock Town Council - Chesterfield Road Ward[0.30MB]

Matlock Town Council - Hurst Farm Ward [0.30MB]

Matlock Town Council - Matlock Bank and Sheriff Fields Ward [0.30MB]

Matlock Town Council - MatlockGreen Ward [0.30MB]

Matlock Town Council - North of Jackson Roaf Ward [0.30MB]

Matlock Town Council - Riber and Starkholmes Ward [0.30MB]

Matlock Town Council - Smedley Street Ward [0.30MB]

Middleton and Smerrill Parish Council [0.30MB]

Middleton Parish Council [0.30MB]

Monyash Parish Council [0.30MB]

Newton Grange Parish Council [0.30MB]

Norbury and Roston Parish Council [0.30MB]

Northwood and Tinkersley Parish Council [0.30MB]

Offcote and Underwood Parish Council [0.30MB]

Osmaston Parish Council [0.30MB]

Over Haddon Parish Council [0.30MB]

Parwich Parish Council [0.30MB]

Rodsley Parish Council [0.30MB]

Rowsley Parish Council [0.30MB]

Shirley Parish Council [0.30MB]

South Darley Parish Council - Oker & Snitterton Ward[0.30MB]

South Darley Parish Council - South Darley Ward[0.30MB]

South Darley Parish Council - Wensley Ward[0.30MB]

Stanton in Peak Parish Council - Stanton Ward [0.30MB]

Stanton in Peak Parish Council - Stanton Lees Ward [0.3MB]

Stanton in Peak Parish Council - Warren Carr Ward [0.3MB] No candidates

Stoney Middleton Parish Council [0.30MB]

Sudbury Parish Council [0.30MB]

Taddington Parish Council [0.30MB]

Tansley Parish Council [0.30MB]

Thorpe Parish Council [0.30MB]

Tideswell Parish Council [0.30MB]

Tissington and Lea Hall Parish Council [0.30MB]

Winster Parish Council [0.30MB]

Wirksworth Town Council - Town Ward [0.30MB]

Wirksworth Town Council Bolehill Ward[0.30MB]

Yeaveley Parish Council [0.30MB]

Yeldersley Parish Council [0.30MB]

Youlgrave Parish Council [0.30MB]