Doveridge Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Doveridge Neighbourhood Plan Referendum - 14 June 2018

A referendum on the Doveridge Neighbourhood Plan took place on Thursday 14 June 2018. In a 38.1% turnout, 418 voted Yes and 35 voted No, with 3 rejected ballot papers.

Information about the Referendum is available here. The Neighbourhood Plan and associated documents can be viewed here.

Any person or group who wishes to campaign in the Referendum is required to submit a return of expenses after the event and is encouraged to register with the Counting Officer, as soon as possible. Advice for campaigners is available here.

The Notice of Referendum is available here.

The Notice of Poll and Location of Polling Station is here

Local Government electors in Doveridge parish, aged 18 or over on the day of the poll, are entitled to vote but must be registered as electors by Tuesday 29 May 2018.  Anyone who is not currently registered can apply at .  If you wish to check whether you are registered please call our helpline on 01629 761335.

If you are unable to vote in person on 14 June you can apply for a postal or proxy vote.  The deadline for postal applications is 5pm on Wednesday 30 May. Proxy applications must be received by 5pm on Wednesday 6 June. If you currently vote by post, but wish to vote in person, please contact us on 01629 761335 or email as soon as possible, and by 5pm on 30 May at latest. Postal votes will be despatched from 23 May.

For further information about the Referendum please call our helpline on 01629 761335 or email