Licensing and Appeals Committee

The main role of the Committee is to recommend licensing policy apart from that relating to the Gambling Act 2005 and the Licensing Act 2003.

The committee also hears appeals where it considers and resolves matters relating to hackney carriage and private hire licences, Tree Preservation Orders; employee's rights in relation to dismissal, the Council's Grievance Procedure and regarding; National Non-Domestic Rate Hardship Relief; Discretionary Housing Payments and applications for revocation of certificates of lawful use or development.

View the membership of this Committee here.

Agendas and reports will be available online 5 days prior to the Committee . Draft minutes will be available 5 days after the meeting and considered for approval at the following meeting.


2019- 2020

Location: Town Hall, Matlock

Time: As indicated on Agenda


Date Agenda Minutes
16 March 2020

Agenda TPO 181 [PDF 20MB]

Agenda TPO 184 [PDF 20MB]

Minutes [PDF 285KB] 

Minutes PDF 330KB]
30 January 2020 Agenda [1.58 MB]  Minutes [PDF 67KB]
17 October 2019 Agenda [PDF 1.87MB]  Minutes [PDF 63KB]
23 September 2019 Agenda [PDF 15.6MB]  Minutes [PDF 528KB]
09 Spetember 2019 Agenda
Appendix 1[3.82MB]
Appendix 2[0.78MB]
Appendix 3 Part 1[5.35MB]
Appendix 3 Part 2[2.97MB]
 Minutes [PDF 138KB]
13 August 2019 Agenda [PDF 1.51MB]  Minutes [PDF 57KB]
22 July 2019 Agenda [PDF 756KB] CONFIDENTIAL REPORT  Minutes [PDF 588KB]
04 July 2019 Agenda [PDF 736KB]  Minutes [PDF 80KB]


2018- 2019

Location: Town Hall, Matlock

Time: As indicated on Agenda

Date Agenda Minutes
06 March 2019 Agenda [PDF 1.54MB] Minutes [PDF 63KB]
12 February 2019 Agenda [PDF 6.84MB] Minutes [PDF 145KB]
6 February 2019 Agenda [PDF 911KB] Minutes [PDF 362]
 01 November 2018 Agenda [PDF 815KB] Minutes [PDF 91KB]
 22 March 2018 Agenda [PDF  1.86MB] Minutes [PDF 150KB]


Location: Town Hall, Matlock

Time: As indicated on Agenda

Date Agenda Minutes
20 December Agenda [PDF 1.2MB]  Minutes [PDF 201KB]
6 December Agenda [PDF 1.58MB]  Minutes [PDF 114KB]
21 November

2:30pm Agenda [PDF 321KB]

3:15pm Agenda [PDF 172KB]

 Minutes - Applicant A  [PDF 142KB]
 Minutes - Applicant B [PDF56 KB]
26 October Agenda [PDF 298KB] Item 7 Appendix 1 (published separately) [PDF 600KB]  Minutes [PDF 86KB]
10 August Applicant A - Agenda [PDF 380KB] - 2.30pm  Minutes [PDF 75KB]
Applicant B - Agenda [PDF 370KB] - 3.15pm  Minutes [PDF 75KB]
31 May Agenda [PDF 1MB]  Minutes [PDF 151KB]
15 May Agenda [PDF 291KB]  Minutes [PDF 151KB]
24 April 10:30am Agenda [PDF 208KB]  Minutes [PDF 152KB]
11:00am Agenda [PDF 205KB]  Minutes [PDF 153KB]
3 April 2.30pm - Agenda [PDF 585KB]  Minutes [PDF 92KB]
14 March 10:00am - Agenda [PDF 192KB]  Minutes [PDF 92KB]
10:15am - Agenda [PDF 192KB]  Minutes [PDF 93KB]
10:30am - Agenda [PDF 202KB]  Minutes [PDF 94KB]
8 March Agenda [PDF 1MB]  Minutes [PDF 149KB]



Location: Town Hall, Matlock
Time: As indicated on Agenda

Date Agenda Minutes
30 November Agenda [PDF 265KB] Minutes [PDF 72KB]
26 October Agenda [PDF 243KB] Minutes [PDF 95KB]
24 October Agenda [PDF 1.1MB] Minutes [PDF 88KB]
25 July Agenda[PDF 2MB] Minutes [PDF 97 KB]
21 July Agenda [PDF 365KB] Minutes [PDF 147KB]
19 July Agenda [PDF 518KB] Minutes [PDF 112KB]
7 July Agenda  [PDF 2.1MB] Minutes [PDF 119KB]
9 June 10.30am Agenda [PDF 200KB]  11.00am Agenda [PDF 280KB] Minutes 10:30am [PDF 95KB]
Minutes 11:10am [PDF 95KB]
Minutes 11:25am [PDF 95KB]
Minutes 11:40am [PDF 96KB]
12 May  Agenda [PDF 2.1MB] Minutes [PDF 80KB] 
10 March  Agenda [PDF 793KB] Minutes [PDF 85KB]


Location: Town Hall, Matlock
Time: As indicated on Agenda

Date Agenda Minutes
18 November Agenda [PDF 212KB] Minutes [PDF 151KB]
09 November Agenda - Premises Licence for Co-Operative Food Store, Baslow [PDF 0.96MB] - 10.30am
Additional info submitted by Applicant [PDF 3.10MB]

Minutes [PDF 200KB]
15 July Agenda [PDF 0.7MB] Minutes [PDF 0.09MB]
8 June  Agenda - Premises Licence for Cherry's Cafe [PDF 7MB] - 12.30pm Minutes [PDF 0.36MB]
8 June  Agenda -  Premises Licence for The Green Man   [PDF 4MB] - 10.30am Minutes [PDF 0.40MB]
30 Apr  Agenda [PDF 2.24MB] (note change of venue) Minutes [PDF 0.24MB]
15 Apr  Agenda [PDF  18MB] Minutes [PDF 0.45MB]
30 Mar  Agenda [PDF 0.01MB] Minutes [PDF 0.05MB]
25 Mar  Agenda [PDF 0.8MB] Minutes [PDF 0.06MB]
3 Mar  Agenda [PDF 0.03MB] Minutes [PDF 0.21MB]
12 Feb  Agenda [PDF 0.2KB] NB: Hearing did not take place, appeal withdrawn
14 Jan Agenda [PDF 0.7MB]  Minutes [PDF 0.07MB]



Date Agenda Minutes
22 Jan Agenda [PDF 0.18MB] Minutes [PDF 0.18MB] 
26 Mar Agenda [PDF 2.81MB] 
Item No. 9 [PDF 0.2MB]
Minutes [PDF 0.38MB]
11 June Agenda [PDF 8.0MB] Minutes [PDF 0.05MB]
23 June Agenda [PDF 0.26MB] Minutes [PDF 0.05MB]
29 July Agenda [PDF 0.24MB] Minutes [PDF  0.08MB]
12 Nov Meeting cancelled  

Committee members

Conservative Labour Liberal Democrat Independent
 Sue Bull Joyce Pawley Steve Flitter Graham Elliott
 Tom Donnelly      
 Richard FitzHerbert      
 Helen Froggatt      
 Alyson Hill      
 Angus Jenkins (Vice Chair)      
 Ann Elliott      
 Jean Monks (Chair)      
 John Tibenham