Commercial Board

The Commercial Board was created at the Annual Council meeting on 24 May 2018. The aim of the Board is to create additional revenue streams through pursuing projects that, in particular:-

  • Grow the economy.
  • Create prosperous thriving communities.
  • Deliver transformation in services.

and also respond to the Primary Purpose and Guiding Principles of the Commercial Investment Strategy agreed at Council on 05 March 2018.

View the membership of this Committee here.

Agenda and supporting documents will be available online 5 days prior to the meeting. Minutes will be available 5 working days after the meeting and considered for approval at the following meeting.



Location: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Matlock

Time:  6.00pm 

Date  Agenda  Minutes
28 November 2019 ADDENDUM - Item 6 [PDF 3.37MB]
Update to Agenda
Agenda [PDF 3.1MB]
 Minutes [PDF 95KB]
03 October 2019 Agenda [PDF 4.4MB] Minutes [PDF 500KB]
13 March 2019 Agenda [PDF 2.26MB] Minutes [PDF 507KB]



Location: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Matlock

Time:  6.00pm 

Date Agenda Minutes
12 December 2018 Agenda [PDF 6MB] Minutes [PDF 91KB]
25 October 2018 Agenda [PDF 3.14MB] NB:  Item 9 is an Exempt report not available to the public Minutes [PDF 110KB]
18 July 2018 Agenda [PDF 5.2MB] Minutes [PDF 82KB]


Committee members

Conservative Labour Liberal Green/Independent
Tony Morley (Chair) Mike Ratcliffe Steve Flitter  Matthew Buckler
Garry Purdy      
Andrew Shirley