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Chairman of the District of the Derbyshire Dales

A civic role, the Chairman of the District of the Derbyshire Dales is elected at the annual meeting of the council and serves for a civic year.

The Chairman of the District of the Derbyshire Dales wears a ceremonial chain of office at official engagements and generally represents the District Council at more than 50 functions throughout the year, organising special fund-raising events for nominated charities.

The role of Chairman of the District of the Derbyshire Dales is different from that of Chairman of the District Council, which is a more strategic leadership role.

The 2018/19 Chairman of the District of the Derbyshire Dales is Councillor Jean Monks, following on from Councillor Steve Flitter, whose civic year ended at the District Council's annual meeting on 24 May 2018. Read this article about Councillor Monks' aims for her year in office.

Councillor Tony Morley has been appointed Vice-Chairman of the District for the coming year.

  • Pictured above (from left) are Councillor and Mrs Flitter, Councillor and Mr Monks and Councillor and Mrs Morley. 

Previous Chairmen



  • 2009-10 Cllr D.T. Barker
  • 2008-09 Cllr Mrs C.A. Hunt
  • 2007-08 Cllr K.C. Bull
  • 2006-07 Cllr F.B. Elliott
  • 2005-06 Cllr Mrs I. Ratcliffe
  • 2004-05 Cllr D. Hoskin
  • 2003-04 Cllr J.R. Goodison
  • 2002-03 Cllr I. Bates
  • 2001-02 Cllr T.L. Boam
  • 2000-01 Cllr Mrs C.M.N. Crowther


  • 1999-00 Cllr Mrs J.N. Bevan JP
  • 1998-99 Cllr A.S. Thomas
  • 1997-98 Cllr A.R. Hodkinson
  • 1996-97 Cllr C.P. Brindley
  • 1995-96 Cllr D.R. Burton
  • 1994-95 Cllr C.H. Birch
  • 1993-94 Mrs P.V. Edwards MBE
  • 1992-93 Cllr Mrs J.A. Twigg
  • 1991-92 Cllr Mrs O.M. Allen
  • 1990-91 Cllr Mrs E.M. Plumbly


  • 1989-90 Cllr B. Oldfield
  • 1988-89 Cllr K.C. Bull
  • 1987-88 Cllr C.B. Hoole
  • 1986-87 Cllr Mrs J.T. Naylor
  • 1985-86 Cllr F.W. Glossop
  • 1984-85 Cllr Mrs M.E. Gillan
  • 1983-84 Cllr G.E.M. Stevens
  • 1982-83 Cllr F.E. Holland
  • 1981-82 Cllr J Stevenson MBE
  • 1980-81 Cllr W.H. Doxey MBE, JP


  • 1979-80 Cllr L.R. Rose OBE
  • 1978-79 Cllr Mrs C.M.N. Crowther
  • 1977-78 Cllr G.T. Ward MBE, JP
  • 1976-77 Cllr E.J. Smith
  • 1975-76 Cllr G.J. Peach MBE
  • 1973-75 Cllr D.A. Fisher, JP


Chairman of the District of the Derbyshire Dales Cllr Albert Catt (left) with Vice-Chairman Cllr Tom Donnelly

Chairman of the District...

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