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YHA case study

YHA and the Derbyshire Dales Active Workplace Scheme - Case Study

The National Office of YHA sits up on the hillside in Matlock and employs around 178 people.  In November 2016 they joined the Derbyshire Dales District Council’s Active Workplace Scheme which is currently free for businesses in the Derbyshire Dales area.

DDDC Sports Development team initially came in and gave a 30 minute interactive workshop on Healthy Eating and Physical Activity and offered all employees a body MOT on Boditrax Scales giving a good indication of current health and fitness.  A second workshop on Alcohol and Physical Activity was delivered after about 6 months and again body MOTs were offered.

Currently, Helen Milton, Community Fitness Instructor, is leading Lunchtime Walks every Wednesday from YHA for a brisk 25 minute walk to get people away from their desks and promote fresh air and conversation. Helen said: 

“The YHA is a great example of how employers can look after the health and well-being of staff, they are always open to new ideas.”

At the Corporate Games in September, YHA leapt fully into the spirit and entered 2 teams and came a magnificent 2nd place!  This event was great fun and very competitive and YHA are very much planning on entering the next Corporate Games event on May 17th. Lynsey Aspey, YHA People Team, said: 

“Since joining the Active Workplace Scheme we have run several events at National Office and taken part in the Corporate Games in September. Our Wednesday Walking Lunches are proving to be a success and the feedback that we have from our employees is really positive. We are looking forward to starting the New Year as we have some exciting events coming up including the next Corporate Games in May. Helen is a constant support and is always there to help and offer advice when we need it, this is a fantastic scheme and I would encourage all workplaces to get involved”

As members of the Active Workplace Scheme, YHA employees enjoy 20% off the full Fitness Freedom pass at all 4 DDDC Leisure Centres in Matlock, Ashbourne, Wirksworth and Bakewell.  Since joining the scheme, 35 employees and partners have used this offer, with some being amongst our most active customers. Emily Gardom, YHA Call Centre, said:

“Keeping fit is very important to me and I always try to live a healthy and active lifestyle, but this can be hard when working in an office as I am sat down for the majority of the day. Taking part in a lunchtime walk has been really beneficial as it encourages me to get out at lunchtime, meet other people in the organisation that I wouldn’t normally speak too, and get some much needed fresh air! I always feel a lot more energetic and focussed in the afternoon too and feel more productive at work. Helen is really lovely and makes everyone feel so welcome, I would definitely recommend giving it a try!”

For more information about how your company could benefit from joining the Active Workplace scheme visit www.derbyshiredales.gov.uk/activeworkplace or contact sportsdevelopment@derbyshiredales.co.uk by email.