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Anyone who wishes to carry on the practice of Tattooing must be registered with their local council (unless they are a registered medical practitioner or dentist).

If you wish to carry out tattooing you must be registered with the District Council. It is illegal to carry out tattooing without yourself and the premises being registered.

The current fee for a personal registration is £76.00.

From 1st April 2017 the fee will be £78.00.  Once registered you will be able to practice at any premises in the Derbyshire Dales that is registered for the purpose.

The current fee for registering a premises is £76.00.

From 1st April 2017 the fee will be £78.00.  Tattooing cannot be carried out at a premises that is not registered for the purpose.

You must be able to comply with the Council's Bye-Laws before your premises will be registered.
A copy of the District Council's Bye-Laws be viewed here.  For details on how to register yourself and/or your premises, contact the Licensing Team - contact details



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