Business rates revaluation 2017

From 1st April 2017, the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) has updated the rateable value of all business properties. This is known as a revaluation.

The VOA generally reassesses all rateable values in England and Wales every five years, based on their open market rental value on a fixed date although the last revaluation was in 2010. The current revaluation  from 1st April, 2017 will be based on rental values on 1 April 2015. Rateable values are used by councils to calculate your business rates bill.

Revaluation is done to maintain fairness in the system by redistributing the total amount payable in business rates, reflecting changes in the property market. Revaluation does not raise extra revenue overall.

The VOA uses a wide range of property information and rental and other evidence to compare values across similar types of properties in order to set the rateable value.

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Frequently asked questions Guidance
 1  I would like more information about business rates and rateable values  Go to: 
 2  How can I find out about my rateable value and how it is worked out?  Go to: You can look up your property using the post code
 3  I want to update my property details  Go to: You can look up your property by post code and send in suggested amendments
 4  Why is my rateable value different from my rent?  The VOA look at many rents in an area before deciding on the right rateable value for each property. Rents can vary between properties in an area, even if the properties are similar and the rents are agreed at the same time. This is because landlords and tenants often have different views on the rental value of a property and sometimes there are special lease terms that can affect the rent paid.
Go to: 
 5  What are the rent/trade details that are held for my property?  The VOA does not publish this information online, as that would breach the Data Protection Act.  Telephone: 03000 501 501 to request the details from the VOA
 6  My business has closed and I would like the property taken out of rating.  The VOA doesn't remove properties from the Rating List just because the business has closed. It is more than likely that if the property still exists it may still be rateable. Go to: 
 7  My property is in poor repair.  Go to: 
so you can consider whether you should make a proposal – depending on state of disrepair.
 8  My property is undergoing repair or structural alterations.  Go to:  to see if this affects you and for instructions on what to do if it does
 9  What is Small Business Rate Relief?  Go to: 
 10  What is zoning?  The VOA uses zoning to measure retail premises. This is a standard method of measuring retail premises for valuation purposes. Go to: 
 11  I think the measurements of my property have been listed incorrectly.  Go to: you can look up your property by postcode and send in suggested amendments to the measurements.
 12  I want to appeal/ challenge my draft 2017 rateable value.  Once the new rateable values come into effect on 1 April 2017, you will be able to make a formal challenge. You can find out more about the appeals process, including the reforms the Government has proposed.  Go to: 
 13  I want to appeal/challenge my 2010 rateable value.  Go to: where you can look up your property by postcode and submit an appeal on the 2010 valuation.
 14  I want to correct an address inaccuracy such as my post code.  If the address details listed on do not match the used address, you can submit a request to amend it online.
 15  I am worried I will not be able to pay my 2017-18 bill based on my draft rateable value.  If there are factual concerns about the draft rateable value, you can raise these with the VOA through 
 16  Should I be paying Business Rates when I run a business from home?

You don’t usually have to pay business rates for home-based businesses if you:

  • use a small part of your home for your business, e.g. you use a bedroom as an office
  • sell goods by post.

Go to 

 17  I have no web access. Callers without web access need to ring:
• 03000 501 501 (England)