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Bonsall Conservation Area is predominantly a rural area, the majority of which is situated in Derbyshire Dales, but a small part of the Conservation Area is located within the Peak National Park.

To the north and west the hamlet of Uppertown is included. Further west is Horsedale Farm, Horsedale and land and properties then follow the Dale and Puddle Hill to form part of the southern boundary. Study Drive and land and buildings, along the Clatterway as far as Hollowbrook Cottage, continue the southern boundary. Church Street, Yeoman Street and High Street, together with land beyond, form the main extent of the conservation area. The boundary culminates in the most northerly point of the Conservation Area around Town Head.

The original designation of Bonsall Conservation Area was in March 1972. Derbyshire Dales District Council and the Peak National Park amended the boundary of the Conservation Area in April 1991 and further alterations to the boundary were recommended and approved in April 2011 following a comprehensive Character Appraisal (see below). Bonsall Conservation Area currently comprises 44.64 hectares.

Historic Assets

Within Bonsall Conservation Area there are 308 buildings, of which 12 are listed entries. Of these, The Cross on Yeoman Street and St. James Church on Church Street are both Grade II*. The remainder are Grade II. The listed buildings in Bonsall range from manor houses to telephone kiosks; from framework knitters workshops to public houses. All are recognised for the contribution they make both individually and visually within the street-scene.

Bonsall Conservation Area contains no Scheduled Monuments.

Bonsall Conservation Area Appraisal

Bonsall Conservation Area was designated in 1972 and amended in 1991. In 2010 a comprehensive Character Appraisal was undertaken and a Draft Appraisal produced in January 2011. A six-week public consultation exercise then followed. The Appraisal considered the special qualities and interest of the Conservation Area, such as its origins, its archaeological significance, the architectural and historic quality of the buildings, the relationship of buildings and spaces, the landscape and setting of the conservation area, the negative and neutral factors affecting the area and its general condition. The document also included policy and legislative guidance and a review of the boundary, which recommended an additional parcel of land along The Dale being included. Representations received during the six-week public consultation process which recommended some amendments to the text of the document were conveyed to the Partnership and Regeneration Committee in April 2011. The representations received did not include any further changes to the Conservation Area boundary as proposed in the Appraisal.

In April 2011, Derbyshire Dales District Council approved the Bonsall Conservation Area Character Appraisal, including some amendments to the text and a modification of the boundary to include a parcel of land along The Dale.

The Peak District National Park Authority simultaneously undertook a Conservation Area Character Appraisal for their part of the Bonsall Conservation Area, which has subsequently been approved by the Peak Park Planning Committee.

The approved Derbyshire Dales Conservation Area Character Appraisal for Bonsall, including the approved boundary (April 2011) and the relevant Committee Report can be viewed in the Related Documents section below.

Buildings at Risk

The Framework Knitters Workshop at Yew Tree Farm (Grade II) is on the 'Building at Risk' list held by Derbyshire Dales District Council. However, significant repairs have recently been carried out to the building and it is likely it will be removed from the list, at the next annual review.

Article 4 Directions

There are no additional planning controls, such as an Article 4 Direction, on properties in Bonsall Conservation Area.

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