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On 27 November 2008 the District Council adopted the Matlock Town Centre Supplementary Planning Document that will guide development in Matlock town centre over the next 10 to 15 years, and will form part of the Derbyshire Dales Local Development Framework. The Supplementary Planning Document sets out the best options for redevelopment of key areas within the town centre.

In 2004 Matlock Town Council carried out a 'health check' with a view to formulating a vision for Matlock in the 21st century. This developed into our preparation of a Draft Area Action Plan that involved extensive public consultation. The Area Action Plan has now been withdrawn and was replaced by the Matlock Town Centre Supplementary Planning Document.

Suggestions made by members of the public, local businesses and other key organisations during the preparation of the Draft Area Action Plan have been incorporated into the Matlock Town Centre Supplementary Planning Document, which was subject to a six week period of formal consultation from 10 July 2008 to 21 August 2008. The guidance contained within the Supplementary Planning Document is intended to promote new development to ensure the future attractiveness, vitality and prosperity of the town centre.

The Matlock Town Centre Supplementary Planning Document aims to:

  1. Encourage and facilitate the revitalisation of Matlock town centre's economy by improving its retail offer, tourism appeal and employment base.
  2. Ensure the delivery of sustainable and high quality development in the town centre.
  3. Prioritise ease of movement for pedestrians and cyclists whilst improving traffic flow and parking facilities within the town centre.
  4. Create a high quality network of streets and spaces to provide a more attractive town centre environment.
  5. Further develop the potential of Matlock as a sustainable community including provision for affordable housing and social and cultural activities.

A copy of the adopted Supplementary Planning Document and Consultation Statement which outlines the Council's response to the representations received on the Draft Matlock Town Centre Supplementary Planning Document can be download at the bottom of this page.

Background Documents

We commissioned these documents specifically in connection with the production of a Matlock Town Centre Masterplan Area Action Plan. Although the Area Action Plan was withdrawn on 3 July 2008 we nevertheless decided to make these documents available because they contains useful baseline information which could assist landowners, developers and others to draw up appropriate development proposals in line with the guidance provided in the Matlock Town Centre Supplementary Planning Document.

The requirements set out in the Matlock Flood Risk Policies document will apply to all development proposals brought forward in the context of the Matlock Town Centre Supplementary Planning Document.

In order to determine how best to bring forward the development opportunities set out in the Supplementary Planning Document the District Council and Matlock Town Council jointly commissioned consultants to provide them with expert advice on delivery. This report was considered by the District Council's Partnership & Regeneration Committee on 9th September 2010, where it was resolved to prepare a development brief for the Bakewell Road key development opportunity.

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