Landscape character and design

Landscape and Design Supplementary Planning Document

The Landscape Character and Design SPD aims:

  • trees and bushesTo protect and enhance the character, appearance and features important in the landscape.
  • To provide detailed guidance on landscape issues to be considered as part of any proposal
  • To illustrate and encourage good practice
  • To encourage an integrated approach to development which includes comprehensive consideration of landscape issues
  • To help developers in their submission of planning applications.

The SPD is divided into short sections each of which is concerned with a specific issue, it is unlikely that all of the issues will apply to all development sites. Local Plan policies that are relevant to landscape and design are found throughout the Local Plan. 

The SPD aims to complement policies the Adopted Derbyshire Dales Local Plan by providing detailed guidance on how new development can meet the aims and objectives of policies.  It will also raise awareness of the design issues related to landscape character and provide an important reference point for developers on design standards ensuring that future development protects or enhances the character and local distinctiveness of the landscape.

The key sections are:


  • Legislation and Planning Policy
  • Landscape Character
  • Bio-diversity
  • Landscape Designations
  • Protected Trees
  • Hedgerows and the Hedgerow Regulations

Landscape Design

  • Landscape Design and Development Sites
  • Landscape and Visual Impact assessment
  • Development Sites with Trees
  • Boundaries including Walls, Hedges and Fences
  • Domestic Curtilages


  • Planting
  • Planting in the Dark Peak
  • Planting in the White Peak
  • Planting in the Derbyshire Peak Fringe and Lower Derwent
  • Planting in the Needwood and
  • South Derbyshire Claylands
  • Planting in the Trent Valley Washlands

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