Ashbourne Neighbourhood Plan

Regulation 16: Publicity

Ashbourne Town Council, with the help of the Neighbourhood Plan Group and the local community, have prepared a draft Neighbourhood Development Plan for their parish. The Plan sets out a vision for the future of the parish and planning policies which will be used to help determine planning applications in the area.

The plan proposal was formally submitted to the District Council on 23rd January 2019. Since that time the accompanying documents have been updated to reflect in more detail the consultation carried out and comments received.

The draft Neighbourhood Plan is now subject to a six week period of public consultation from 14th August 2020 to 25th September 2020. A further period of six weeks consultation for statutory bodies and stakeholders will run from 25th September to 6th November 2020.

The draft Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents can be viewed below:

Draft Neighbourhood Plan [PDF 4MB]

Basic Condition Statement [PDF 2.7MB]

Consultation Statement [PDF 1.4MB]

Evidence Document [PDF 14.4MB]

The draft Neighbourhood Plan, and supporting documents can be viewed at the Ashbourne Visitor Information Centre on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. To view the documents at the Visitor Information Centre please make an appointment using one of the following methods:

Telephone : 01335 342291 (Option 3)


Representations can be made on the Draft Ashbourne Neighbourhood Plan during the publicity period from 14th August to 25th September 2020. Comments received after this time will not be considered.

Representations can be made electronically using the online form. 

Alternatively, you can request a paper form or send comments by email or by post to the District Council.  

The response form will also be available from the locations where copies of the plan can be inspected.

Please return completed forms:

By e-mail to 

View representations received during the consultation period  

Regulation 15: Submission

Ashbourne Town Council submitted the Neighbourhood Plan (Submission Version), the Consultation Statement and the Basic Conditions Statement to the District Council on 23rd January 2019.

In accordance with European Directive 2001/42/EC and the associated Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations 2004 a screening report on the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan has been carried out by the District Council to determine whether it requires a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). The SEA Screening Report was sent to the statutory consultees for comment. They concluded that a full SEA is not required.

Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Report

Historic England Response

Environment Agency Response

Natural England Response

Regulation 14

Ashbourne Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group on behalf of Ashbourne Town Council consulted on the Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan from the 6th November 2017 for six weeks, under Regulation 14 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (As amended by the Localism Act 2011).  For more information and contact details see the Ashbourne Neighbourhood Plan website here.


We received an area application from Ashbourne Town Council under section 61G of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (As amended by the Localism Act 2011) which sought the designation of the whole of the Parish of Ashbourne as a Neighbourhood Area.  This request was considered by the District Council's Corporate Committee on 20th March 2014, at which it was resolved to designate the whole of the Parish of Ashbourne as a Neighbourhood Area.


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