Housing Delivery Action Plan

The Government has set an objective of significantly boosting the supply of new homes, and delivering a target of 300,000 new homes a year. The Government considers it an imperative that land with planning permission is developed without any unnecessary delay.

As part of this process the Government introduced the Housing Delivery Test as a means of assessing how much housing has been delivered against the number required over a rolling three year period.

The first Housing Delivery Test results were published in February 2019. Although the initial result suggested that the District Council had failed to meet the Housing Delivery Test requirements, following the submission of additional evidence, the District Council was able to demonstrate to the Government’s satisfaction that it had in fact passed the Test with 104%.

Although the District Council is not required to prepare and submit to MHCLG a formal Housing Delivery Action Plan it was resolved that the District Council should undertake the preparation of an informal Housing Delivery Action Plan, which sets out how the District Council will seek to maintain an adequate level of housing delivery.

That work has now been completed and a Derbyshire Dales Housing Delivery Test Action Plan was approved by the District Council’s Community and Environment Committee on 19th February  2020. 

The Housing Delivery Test Action Plan sets out an analysis of housing delivery, and includes a calculation of the five year supply of land for housing at 1st April 2019. It also indicates that in future years that it is anticipated that the District Council will be able to satisfy the requirements of the Housing Delivery Test over the period to 2023.

It sets out 13 potential action points which are intended to ensure that there is an ongoing focus on Housing Delivery across the Derbyshire Dales over the next few years.


Housing Delivery Action Plan [PDF 970KB]
Committee Report [Word doc]
Comments from the public consultation [Word doc]