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Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Authority

Budget and Council Tax 2018/19

At the Fire and Rescue Authority meeting on 15th February 2018 Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Authority approved the level of Council Tax for the year 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019. The Authority agreed to set a 2.98% increase in Council Tax with a budget of £37.7m for 2018/19.

Budget Requirement and Funding

The Settlement Funding Assessment for 2018/19 is £13.4m, a reduction of £0.6m (4.2%) compared to the 2017/18 allocation of £13.99m.

37.4 Gross Expenditure 37.9
0.6 Contribution to Reserves 0.4
-0.9 Less: Income -0.6
37.1 Total Budget Requirement 37.7
14.6 Met From:- Revenue Support Grant and National Non-Domestic Rates 14.4
0.2                   Collection Fund Surplus 0.2
22.3                   Council Tax 23.1
37.1  Total Funding  37.7

The Service experienced funding reductions in its Revenue Support Grant of £4.8m (24.4%) over the period of the Comprehensive Spending Review 2010. The Service experienced further funding reductions of £1.6m in 2015/16, £1.25m in 2016/17 and £1.52m in 2017/18.

The Service has already secured on-going savings in the region of £9.1m as part of a concerted and timely approach to address the impact of funding reductions, and would otherwise be facing a deficit of around £10m in the year 2019/20.

For Further information please follow the link below http:www.derbys-fire.gov.uk/about-us-our-vision/what-we-spend-and-how-we-spend-it/our-budget-and-your-council-tax

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