Appeals against Housing Benefit decisions

If having received the printed letter explaining the outcome of your benefit claim and you want to ask further questions or need an explanation of anything about the decision on your claim you can request this. This can be done at any time and is called requesting a further explanation.


If you feel that a decision made in the assessment of your Housing Benefit is wrong you can ask for that decision to be looked at again. This is called reconsideration and allows a different benefit officer the chance to check that we have got your claim correct.

It may be that we have previously misunderstood information previously given to us and will then offer to change our decision or we may ask further information from you to help us review the outcome. Once we have reconsidered the details of your claim we will write to you confirming what the outcome of this review is and telling you what you can do next if you remain unhappy. We may also give you additional information that we believe is helpful to you.

If we decide that our original decision was right, but you still disagree with it, or you think it is wrong, you have the right to make an appeal to an independent tribunal against the original decision.


You should ask us in writing for an appeal. If the reconsideration request is received on time (or is treated as being received on time), you have one calendar month to appeal against the original decision.

Your letter should include:

  • which decision you do not agree with and the date of that decision
  • the reasons why you think our decision is wrong
  • any appeal must be signed by the person affected.

We will then write to you to inform you if we have changed our original decision and provide you with an explanation.

Independent Tribunal

If we are unable to alter our decision we will prepare your case for an Independent Tribunal and tell you if you need to do anything further.

These are administered by the HM Courts and Tribunal Service. We will send both you and the HM Courts and Tribunals Service a copy of our response. You can choose an oral or paper based hearing. The tribunal will then make a decision on your appeal.

Independent advice

If you would like any independent advice regarding our decisions, you can contact Mid Derbyshire Citizens Advice Bureau or Age UK who are both based within the Town Hall who will be happy to advise you about your rights and responsibilities. Age UK and the Citizens Advice Bureau give free, impartial and accurate advice on all things related to your benefit claims.

Remember - You can contact us at any time if you need any further information.