Benefit Calculator and Online Claim Form

The calculator and online claim form allows anyone to see how much Housing Benefit (including the new Local Housing Allowance) or Council Tax Benefit they may be entitled to and then submit a claim electronically to the District Council.

The calculator will take you through the process by asking you to answer a number of questions about your household and financial circumstances to arrive at a fully worked calculation of your entitlement to Housing Benefit (help with paying your rent) and Council Tax Benefit (help with paying your Council Tax).

You can save your calculation at any point and return to it later.  This is useful, for example, if you find you haven't got all the information to hand that you need and you have to go and find your wage slips etc.  The system allows you to pick your own password so that only you can bring up the claim details you have entered.  Please keep a note of the reference number you are given and the password you have chosen if you do save your calculation. 

The calculator has a help facility on each screen in case you are not sure what to put in a particular field.

The calculation part of the process is completely anonymous as no details of any names are held.  Once the calculation is made you then have the option to submit a claim to the District Council electronically, at which point you will be asked for full details or your name and address and other household members.

If you want to cancel the calculation at any time (without saving it), simply click on the Derbyshire Dales logo in the top left of the screen and you will be taken back to our homepage.

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