Council land and property

Our Legal Section can provide details of all land and premises that the council owns. Also available are details of all acquisitions and disposals, together with leases, lettings, licenses (including grazing), easements and rights of way. The only exception being market lettings which are separately managed.

1. Can you tell me whether the land next to my house is Council owned?

Yes, provided the precise location of the land concerned can be accurately described or a plan provided for us to check.

2. What information do I need to give you before you can tell me whether the Council owns a particular property or area of land?

We need to know the boundaries of the land in question and if possible the full postal address. The boundaries are often difficult to describe precisely over the telephone without looking together at a detailed map. We should be able to tell from a telephone enquiry whether the District Council owns land nearby, but for a more precise answer, a map showing the exact boundaries of the land is required. Appointments can be made for personal visits to discuss this issue, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

3. Can you tell me who owns a particular property or area of land?

Only if we are the owner. If the property is privately owned you can contact the Land Registry Online, the local Land Registry or phone 0844 892 1111 to obtain the relevant enquiry form.

Please note that the Land Registry will be unable to assist you if it turns out that the land concerned is not registered, in which case you may wish to make enquiries locally with neighbours. Alternatively, if the land is subject to development proposals the Planning Department may be able to provide information on recent planning applications received.

4. Is there a charge for this information?

Not at present. However, dependent upon the future demand for this service, the Council may consider introducing a charge to offset the administrative costs.

Please note that the District Council only provides internal Estates Management and Valuation services for the land and property it owns. These services are not available to the general public.

If you require valuation services regarding a private transaction further information can be found on the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

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