Compliments and complaints


Above and beyond the call of duty!

The Licensing Team naturally, doesn't want to only deal with complaints.  When a taxi or private hire driver has been especially helpful to you, please let us know about it.

Although the highest possible standards are expected from our drivers, and they usually deliver, if a licensed driver from the district has performed above and beyond what is expected we do like to know about it.  We would be pleased to pass on your comments and thanks to the driver concerned, if we can, so please let us know!

Ask the driver for his or her badge number to help us to identify them.


On the rare occasion that complaints are received, the District Council tries to resolve the issues informally or formally dependant on the seriousness of the problem.

If you wish to complain about a Hackney Carriage (taxi), Private Hire Vehicle, Driver or Operator licensed by the District Council, please complete all the sections in the complaint form [PDF 37KB] and send it to us. The District Council's Licensing Officer will investigate all complaints regarding licensed drivers and vehicles, and also Private Hire operators.  However, please note that only licensing matters can be dealt with formally. Complaints regarding other matters such as road traffic legislation or criminal activity should be notified to the police or other appropriate responsible authority in the first instance.

Please be aware that we can only investigate identifiable drivers and vehicles.  Although the vehicle licence and registration number are, (or should be), clearly visible, identifying the driver is also helpful.  Every driver is issued with an identity badge which has his or her photograph on it, together with their licence number, and name. Taxi drivers are required to display their badge on the dashboard of the vehicle while working - some may display it on the visor or other appropriate place at the front of the vehicle, so that it is clearly visible to passengers. If the driver is not displaying the badge, and cannot present it if asked, assume that he or she is not licensed and use another licensed car.

If you have a complaint about the conduct of any driver and are unable to resolve the issue with the driver/ operator of a Private Hire Vehicle, please contact the District Council's Licensing Officer on 01629 761313 or by email to

Information you need to provide

You will need to provide the following details:

  • Date and time of the journey
  • Pick up point and drop off point
  • Details of the vehicle, including Hackney Carriage or Private Hire Vehicle Licence Number. Please note that a Hackney Carriage Vehicle displays a small yellow internal plate in the front windscreen, a large yellow door sticker which identifies the licence number of the vehicle and a large yellow plate adjacent to the rear number plate. A Private Hire Vehicle displays a small green and yellow  internal plate in the front windscreen, a large green and yellow door sticker which identifies the licence number of the vehicle and a large green and yellow plate adjacent to the rear number plate
  • Driver's Licence Number or name (if known)
  • Nature of the complaint
  • Details of any witnesses
  • Your name, address and contact phone number/e-mail address

Information regarding unlicensed cars or drivers in the district and unlicensed Private Hire operators is of special interest to the Licensing Section as well as being a Police matter.  Any information regarding unlicensed drivers operating in the district is essential to ensure the safety of the public and the reputation of the industry. Please contact us with any information. 

Complaint Form

Taxi Licensing Complaint Form [PDF 37KB]