Gold card

Examples of what the gold card looks like

Gold Card is our travel and discount card for the over-60s and people with certain disabilities.

Depending on your date of birth (see eligibility checker below) you may be eligible for a Gold Card - the travel, discount and library card for Derbyshire residents. It is a blue striped card.

Some younger people, with certain disabilities, can also have a Gold Card. It is an orange striped card.

Gold Card allows you to travel free, off-peak on local buses throughout the whole of England, get discounts at around 1,300 shops and other local businesses and to borrow at all Derbyshire and Derby city libraries.

Gold Card holders can also use community transport dial-a-bus services. You will be charged a £1 flat rate single fare (£2 return). It doesn't matter how far you travel on a dial-a-bus, the fare is the same.

Applying for Gold Card

If you are turning 60 please be aware that there are changes to when you can apply for a Gold Card.

Before April 6 2010 you automatically qualified for a Gold Card on your 60th birthday. But if you are born on or after April 6 1950 you will have to wait longer to get your card.

The changes affect anyone born on or after April 6 1950 to April 5 1955.

These changes are being brought in across the country - not just in Derbyshire. They are to do with bringing age-related benefits, like free bus travel, in line with the state pension age of 65 for both men and women.

If you were 60 before 6 April 2010 but still do not have a Gold Card then you can apply for one straight away.

If you qualify for Gold Card because of disability, regardless of your age you can apply immediately.

Anyone born on or after April 6 1955 will get their Gold Card on their 65th birthday.

Eligibility checker

Check the online calculator to find out when you become eligible for a Gold Card if you are applying because of your age.


Further information on how to apply is available on the Derbyshire County Council website.