F Redfern & Son Ltd

F Redfern & Sons Ltd operate a waste transfer section at their premises in Flagg.

The waste transfer station is located at the site of the animal incinerator and pet cremator, details of which can be found using the link below.

Veterinary waste is collected from veterinary practices at regular intervals. In accordance with practice guides issued by the British Veterinary Association, wastes are bagged separately at the veterinary practice and sharps are contained in standard sharps containers manufactured to BS 7320:1990 "Specification for sharps containers". Waste is collected with the appropriate consignment notes and this waste is contained in leak proof bins during transportation. The Operator holds a waste carrier license (BLT/656471).

Bagged and contained wastes are temporarily stored at the installation within commercial lidded wheeled bins, that are further stored within a lockable steel container. The commercial lidded wheeled bins containing the waste are collected from the installation by a licensed waste contractor for disposal at a clinical waste incineration facility. At no time is any of the veterinary waste treated or processed at the site.

The total amount of veterinary waste that can be stored at the site and the frequency of collection of this waste from the site are stipulated in the permit conditions.