F Redfern & Sons Ltd

F Redfern and Sons Ltd undertake the incineration of animal carcasses, regulated under section 5.1 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations, in Flagg.

The installation consists of an animal incinerator, pet cremator and F Redfern Sons Ltddirectly associated activities. F Redfern and Sons Ltd operate a HS Thermals Animal Incinerator; 475kg per hour with a maximum daily feed rate 6.65 tonnes. The incinerator is fired by a mixture of kerosene and gas oil. The main part of the incinerator is a hot hearth design and consists of a primary combustion chamber fitted with oil fired burners with a system of forced combustion air.

There are two smaller chambers designed for the cremation of individual pets, fitted with single burners and combustion air supplied by the main fan, and a separate "horse chamber" for larger pets. Flue gases from the individual chambers and the main primary chamber pass into the secondary combustion chamber where additional heat and air are added to ensure complete combustion of particulates and volatile gases. Additional heat is applied from an afterburner which heats the gases to a minimum temperature of 850°C for at least two seconds. Exhaust gases are then discharged to atmosphere via a 12m high stack. The three pet chambers can be operated separately to, or at the same time as, the main incinerator chamber. Ashes are disposed of via a licensed waste contractor.

Additionally operated is a low capacity pet cremator. When only individual pets, or small numbers, require cremation the low capacity pet cremator is used. Single deceased pets are individually delivered directly to the site or are collected individually for cremation from veterinary surgeries for private cremation. Deceased pets are also collected en-mass from veterinary surgeries for collective cremation. The pet cremator has a primary chamber and an individual small pet chamber. The pet cremator has a secondary combustion chamber with a retention period of two seconds at greater than 850°C and exhaust gases discharge to atmosphere via a stack with an overall height of 7.5m from floor level.