IKO Grangemill

Permanite Asphalt Ltd operate a mobile mineral dryer, regulated under section 3.5 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations, in Matlock.

Whilst mobile, the mineral dryer remains at the site of the permitted Permanite mobileinstallation and is not relocated to alternative sites.

Cold aggregate is fed from stockpiles, by loading shovel, into the feed hopper. The aggregate is then agitated in the dryer drum and heated by a flame produced by a gas oil fired burner. Products of combustion and dust laden air from the drum are extracted and filtered by a bag filter dust arrestment plant and discharged via a 5.3 m high stack. The hot aggregate is elevated from the drum and weighed prior to discharge into a mobile asphalt mixer. Emissions testing is undertaken annually for particulates to demonstrate compliance with the 50 mg/m3 limit.

The installation also operates a tar and bitumen process.