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Nationwide Crash Repair Centres

Nationwide Crash Repair Centres Ltd operate a vehicle re-spraying installation regulated under section 6.4 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations in Tansley, Matlock.

Nationwide undertake the re-spraying of road vehicles involving the Nationwide Crash Repair Centre in Tansleyuse of paints applied by HVLP spray guns in one of two Spray booth Technology Ltd Gemini 11 Combi spray booths, which are each exhausted to atmosphere via a filter and extraction unit. Spray booths are fitted with automatic shutdown devices and alarms in case of over pressurisation. Spray guns are cleaned in an automatic spray gun cleaning machine located in the paint mixing room. Paint is stored and mixed in a room situated between the booths and fitted with local exhaust ventilation to atmosphere. Dirty solvents used for cleaning and any waste paints and solvents are recovered for recycling by a licensed waste carrier.

Directly associated to the vehicle re-spraying is the preparation of vehicle panels for painting by grinding, sanding and other surface preparation including the use of solvent based cleaning materials. The dust from sanding operations is extracted to a centralized dust extraction system attached to the sanding equipment. Dust is then collected in sealed containers and disposed of via a licensed waste carrier. The directly associated activities are also covered by the installation permit.

Temporary mobile spray booths are permitted to operate on an occasional basis at the site. The mobile spray booths undertake small to medium area repair techniques (SMART repairs) such as chip and scratch removal. The vehicle is self-sufficient, having a temporary spray booth and its own filtered extraction unit.

Environmental Health

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