Coating activities

Coating activities, printing and textile treatments are regulated under section 6.4 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations.

Within Derbyshire Dales there are currently only coating activities, and no printing or textile treatments. A coating material means paint, printing ink, varnish, lacquer, dye, any metal oxide coating, any adhesive coating, any elastomeric coating, any metal or plastic coating and any other coating material.

Section 6.4 covers a range of different activities for which there are thresholds for the use of coating materials, which contain solvents. Full details of the activities that are regulated under this section can be found in the Environmental Permitting Regulations. To summarise, installations using 5 or more tonnes of organic solvents require a permit to operate. Additionally, the re-spraying of road vehicles where 1 tonne or more of organic solvents are used in any 12 month period.