DSF Refractories & Minerals Ltd

DSF Refractories & Minerals Ltd operate a refractory process regulated under section 3.6 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations, alongside a mineral processing activity regulated under section 3.5 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations, at Friden near Newhaven. (Image - Rotary Kiln, photo courtesy of DSF Refractories & Minerals Ltd)

An engineer operating a Rotary Kiln

DSF Refractories & Minerals Ltd initially undertake the preparation of raw materials following on from which blocks are pressed or cast to shape, depending on their size and complexity. Firing is undertaken in intermittent kilns that are less than 2 MW net thermal input. The kilns are fired by gas, gas oil or heavy fuel oil to produce refractory bricks. Post-firing, cutting and grinding equipment is used to accurately machine blocks to create precise assemblies. The company are specialist manufacturers of aluminosilicate refractories.

DSF Refractories & Minerals Ltd also undertake the crushing, screening, drying and milling of materials as part of the ceramic manufacturing process or as a mineral processing activity in its own right.