Stacey Processing Ltd

Stacey Processing Ltd operate a cement batching process prescribed under Section 3.1, and a mobile crushing and screening process and a mineral drying and cooling process prescribed under Section 3.5. The installation is located at Ryder Point, near Brassington.

Stacey Processing Ltd store cement in a single silo, fitted with dust arrestment plant. Cement is transferred to the cement holding hopper on the volumetric mixing truck and aggregates are transferred from the storage bays to the volumetric mixing truck using a loading shovel. Materials are kept separate within the volumetric mixing truck and are mixed to the required consistency and the required volume at the point of use.

Aggregates, virgin and recycled, are processed through one or more primary or secondary mobile crushers, followed by screening. The majority of the crushed aggregated will pass through the wash plant to separate out the finer sand material from greater than 2 mm aggregate. Processed and separated aggregate is stored in ground level storage bays that are fitted with a manual dust arrestment sprinkler system.

Minerals are dried in a dryer fitted with bag filter arrestment plant. The bag filter unit consists of Filtrex polyester bags with an exhaust flow of 366 m3/min. Fines from the arrestment plant are reintroduced to the material upon exit of the drying process.