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Sanitary facilities

You must have enough washbasins for staff to wash their hands, with hot and cold running water, and materials for cleaning hands and drying them hygienically. Separate sinks must be provided, where necessary, for washing food and cleaning equipment.

There must also be enough toilets and these must not lead directly into food areas. Derbyshire Dales has set its own policy on the provision of sanitary facilities for customers.

New premises:

1 to 50 customers (25 male / 25 female)

1 toilet male / 1 toilet female
1 wash hand basin male and 1 wash hand basin female

50 plus customers Refer to British Standard BS6465-1:2006

Conversions or existing premises:

1 to 25 customers 1 toilet and 1 wash hand basin
25 to 50 customers 1 toilet and wash hand basin (male) and 1 toilet and wash hand basin (female)
50 plus customers Refer to British Standard BS6465-1:2006

You can purchase British Standard BS6465-1:2006 from British Standards Online shop.

Environmental Health

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