Food hygiene self-assessment

What is it?

The self–assessment takes the form of a questionnaire covering various aspects of your food business and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Why does the Council need this information?

The questionnaire is an important part of the Council's alternative enforcement approach to maintaining positive contact with local low risk food businesses. It helps us to update our understanding of your food activity and food safety approach as your business matures and changes over time.

Why don’t you just come and inspect?

There are in excess of 1,400 food premises operating within the Derbyshire Dales which necessitates a risk based approach being adopted as regards inspection and frequency. This approach complies with Food Law and Code of Practice Guidance.

What happens with the information I provide?

Once submitted the questionnaire will be received by our Business Support colleagues. The content will be electronically logged against your business premises on our back-office system and the various responses considered by an Environmental Health representative. If it is the case your business activity has not fundamentally changed since our last contact with you and you are still considered ‘low risk’ you will not receive any further contact until your next inspection date which will be in approximately 3 years’ time. Alternatively, if it is the case we require further information from you or it is considered necessary to visit, we will do so in due course.

Thank you in anticipation of your completed questionnaire.